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Frequently Asked Questions about IVF Treatment

Ques: What is In-Vitro fertilization ?

A) In vitro fertilization IVF is mingling the eggs of a woman with the sperms of her partner in a laboratory dish. After 2-3 days, the fertilized embryos are directly transferred into her uterus. It is the most commonly used treatment and is popularly known as test-tube baby.

Ques: When is the need for an IVF ?

A) It is a procedure for those with fallopian tube issues, and also for conditions like endometriosis, male factor infertility and unexplained infertility. The specialist access the patient's history and guides him for treatment appropriate for them.

Ques: Is infertility a woman's problem ?

A) No, not at all. In 50 percent cases, the female is the cause while in another 40 percent case, the male partner is infertile but in the remaining10 percent, the reasons go unexplained. Specific tests are done for its determination.

Ques: Is infertility treatable ?

A) Yes, it is fully treatable with the right diagnosis from a specialist doctor and the right treatment.

Ques: Is the IVF treatment expensive ?

A) If done with the right assistance, it is an affordable treatment but the condition of the couple and the treatment chosen, play important roles.

Ques: How many times, is IVF repeated per couple ?

A) Although there is no specific number but the doctor can tell better.

Ques: How soon can one resume her normal routine ?

A) Generally, a patient is sedentary for 24 hours after pre-embryo placement in the uterus. Exercises such as jogging, horseback riding, swimming, etc. should be avoided until confirmation of pregnancy. Other regular activities can be done.

Ques: How soon can pregnancy be confirmed ?

A) Pregnancy can be confirmed using blood tests done after13 days of egg aspiration, after which ultrasounds are done on a gap of 30 to 40 days.

Ques: Is there a possibility of multiple births ?

A) Yes, there is at the time of multiple embryo transfer. Around 25 percent of pregnancies are twins. Triplets can be seen in around 2-3 percent of cases.

Ques: What is the time span of the entire procedure ?

A) Generally it takes around three weeks. Fertility drugs are prescribed for stimulating the ovaries. Then during 4-6 days prior to ovulation, the female is monitored through ultrasound and check on hormone levels.

Ques: Generally how many embryos are transferred ?

A) The doctor takes this decision. Generally, three to four embryos are transferred but the age of a woman and the quality of the embryos is also considered.

Ques: What happens to extra embryos ?

A) Patients have various other options regarding the disposition of the remaining embryos. They can freeze the embryos for later use, can donate or simply dispose them.

Ques: Is their any age cutoff for doing IVF ?

A) The patient should not be older than 45. The doctor can guide better after considering the medical history as well as FSH levels of the female partner.

Ques: What is ICSI ?

A) ICSI is a procedure of intracytoplasmic sperm injection into the egg of the female. This advanced process has been developed for helping a couple in achieving the highest chances for fertilization during IVF treatment.

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