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Artemis Gurgaon Diabetic Health Check Up Package

by Rishabh
Artemis Diabetic Health Check Up Package
Diabetic Health Check – UP Package MALE Starting from USD 172 and FEMALE Starting from 165 Per person
Endocrinologist Consultation (Pre & Post)
Ophthalmology Consultation
Surgeon’s Consultation (Male Only)
Dentist’s Consultation
Dietician Consultation
Full Blood Count with ESR & Peripheral Smear
Blood Sugar Fasting & PP
Serum TSH (Thyroid Blood Test)
Complete Liver Function Test
Serum Sodium
Serum Potassium
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Serum Uric Acid
Lipid Profile
Urine Routine
Urine Routine
Urine for Microalbuminuria
HbA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin)
Tread Mill Test
Transthoracic Echocardiography

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