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Liver & Digestive System Packages

Problems and diseases related to liver are increasing day by day because of a number of reasons. The symptoms of liver diseases are also unidentifiable like lack of concentration, excessive fatigue and disturbance in sleep. The main cause of liver and digestion related problem is one’s diet and lifestyle that can lead to cirrhosis or other kind of problem such as improper working of the immune system, metabolism disease and more. Therefore, it is extremely important that you must opt for liver and digestive screening program if you are facing such a problem. By undertaking this program, the proper working as well as the health of your liver will be diagnosed.

Liver and Digestive system check-up is done at a specialized center by a specialized physician. The following are its steps:

  • Conversation with the physician
  • Taking blood sample
  • Ultrasonography
  • Liver elasticity measurement
  • Liver biopsy
  • Consultation with the doctor

For the well-being and safety of you and others, Mediconnect India advises strict adherence to a few instructions. Please view our Guidelines here.

Liver & Digestive System Packages:
Consultation: Gastroenterology , Dietician
Laboratory Services : Complete Haemogram, Peripheral Smear and ESR,Blood Sugar Fasting,Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBSAG),Hepatitis C Virus (HCV),Liver Function Test Profile (LFT),Renal Profile/ Kidney Function Test,Urine Routine and Microscopy,Stool for occult blood,Stool Routine and Microscopy,CEA (Carcino Embryonic Antigen)
Radiology Services Ultrasound Whole Abdomen,Upper GI Endoscopy,Colonoscopy


Medical India Tourism offers online booking for Liver & Digestive System Health Check-Up Packages . For more information, please fill up the Query Form.

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