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Arthroscopic Surgery in India

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Arthroscopic surgery (also known  as keyhole surgery) is that procedure where the doctor looks inside a joint in your body through a thin viewing instrument, called an arthroscope. He examines joint surfaces and surrounding soft tissues, ligaments, cartilage and then provides a cushion between the bones. This process is used in the diagnoses of a joint problem, and then perform surgery for repairing any joint problem, removing a loose or foreign body, or for monitoring a disease or the end result of any treatment. It is performed on shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, hip and ankle.

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During the process, arthroscope with attached light source and a video camera is inserted into the joint through an incision made in the skin. The images can be seen on the monitor which give a proper view of the condition of the patient’s joints. When surgery is performed, more instruments are inserted into the joints through smaller incisions.

Arthroscopy Why it's done - Tests and Procedures

Arthroscopy is done in following cases:

  • For evaluating and diagnosing problem in a joint problem other diagnostic tests do not prove to be helpful
  • For performing surgery to repair a joint problem that includes the following :
  1. Repairing or trimming soft tissues
  2. Damaged or torn cartilage
  3. Cutting, repairing or reconstructing ligaments
  4. Removal of calcium deposit from bone tissue
  5. Removal of an inflamed scar tissue of joint lining
  6. Collecting samples of joint fluid

Types Of Arthroscopy

  • Knee - The doctor looks inside the patient’s knee to find out what exactly is causing the problem and what the problem actually is. Whether there is a tear of one of the cartilages or whether one of the ligaments within the knee joint is torn. Another reason may be a loose piece of bone in the knee joint or there might arthritis in part of the knee. After diagnosis, the surgery is done
  • Shoulder – The doctor looks inside the patient’s shoulder to diagnose the exact problem and its cause. There can be a number of problems for which surgery can be required such as in some people, the shoulder might be coming out of the joint. In others, the condition of the tendons above the shoulder joint has to be seen.
  • Wrist – In wrist arthroscopy, the surgeon diagnoses and treats various problems related to the patient’s wrist with the help of a number of extremely small incisions. According to statistics, during the last 5 years, wrist has become the third most common joint to undergo arthroscopy, after knee and shoulder. Since the incisions are smaller, the pain, swelling and stiffness are also reduced with quicker recovery.
  • Elbow - In elbow arthroscopy, the surgeon inserts arthroscope (with an attached camera), into the patient’s elbow joint. The camera shows the pictures on the TV monitor and the surgeon uses these pictures for guiding his surgical instruments. He makes small cuts  in the elbow makes the pain and swelling less but recover faster.
  • Hip – In hip arthroscopy, the surgeon performs his task by making small incisions that are around 1 cm each, using a camera so that he can look inside the hip joint. This process is much less invasive than the other traditional procedures.

The Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy helps the doctor to see what is wrong with the joint. It has the following benefits:

  • It is usually less painful
  • It is less costly than open surgery
  • Allows quick recovery (depending on what has been done)
  • In most of the cases, no overnight stay in a hospital is required

Cost of Arthroscopic Surgery in India

From past few years, India has become a favorite destination for medical tourism. The main reason is that a patient is offered excellent medical services  at prices which are extremely affordable. In a similar manner like others, the cost of arthroscopic surgery in India is also quite pocket-friendly in comparison to the western countries. You get treated in top-notch medical institutions of the country and from doctors who are internationally trained who get assistance of extremely trained staff.


FAQs of Arthroscopic Surgery

Ques: What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Ans:Arthroscopic surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure to treat problems inside the joint. With the help of an endoscope, the doctor diagnoses the problem and treats the same during the Arthroscopy procedure. With this procedure, patients get quicker recovery than open surgery.

This arthroscope contains a fiber optic light source and camera that allows the surgeon to view inner parts of the joint on a screen. With this surgeon can detect any underlying joint problem and correct that problem.

Ques: Why is arthroscopy surgery necessary?

Ans: Arthroscopy is a useful way for doctors to make a final diagnosis in joints, whereas, other evaluations like physical examination, X-rays, MRI, etc. don’t give a final diagnosis.

Ques: Which joints can be observed with an arthroscope?

Ans: There are 06 most common joints which can be observed with this instrument and those are knee, hip, elbow, ankle, wrist, and shoulder. This is an advanced electronic technology used by orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons.

Ques: What are the advantages of arthroscopic surgery?

Ans: There are many advantages of this surgery like small incisions made during the procedure so that patients do not get scars, very less pain in post-operative recovery, speedy recovery, infection chances are very low, and fast healing.

Ques: Why is physical therapy mandatory after the surgery?

Ans: Physical therapy plays an important role in getting strength, the motion of body parts, flexibility back. There are pre and post-operative education, exercises, and physical therapies available, your surgeon will give complete details on the same in your consultation.

Ques: What investigations are required before arthroscopic surgery?

Ans: Before the surgery, the patient needs to undergo some investigations like – routine blood test, Chest X-ray, MRI, and ECG.

Ques: How long will I have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

Ans: Mostly Arthroscopic surgery performed on a daycare basis. However, it depends on the condition of the patients as well. The doctor always suggests the patient stay at least one night in the hospital after the surgery.

Ques: What will be the complications after surgery?

Ans: The complications after Arthroscopic surgery are very rare. If a patient still faces some health problems like fever, severe swelling, numbness, pain, and infection then they should contact the doctor.

Ques: How long does recovery take after this surgery?

Ans: The recovery time after this surgery will be very less. You should be careful about the instructions given by the doctor. You may experience some pain after joint surgery and for this, you will get pain medications. You will have minor incision wounds with arthroscopic tools. On the next day of your surgery, the doctor will remove surgical bandages and place small strips to cover incisions wounds. After 2 weeks, you need to come for a follow up for non-dissolvable stitches removal. You will also need crutches, a splint, or a sling for your support during your recovery period.

Ques: What are the problems treated with arthroscopy?

Ans: The problems which can be treated with arthroscopy surgery are the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, rotator cuff surgery, removal of loose bone or cartilage, repair of torn ligaments, removal of inflamed synovial lining of the shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, or wrist and repair or removal of a torn meniscus of the knee.

Ques: What is the approximate cost for Arthroscopic surgery and how I can get an appointment?

Ans: To know about the arthroscopic surgery cost and appointment, kindly contact on below details:
E mail: info@mediconnectindia.com
Mobile/Whats app: +91 9717766080

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