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Chin Implant Surgery in India

by Rishabh

Chin augmentation, also known as a genioplasty chin implant or augmentation genioplasty or mentoplasty, is the surgical use of implants to bring the chin into better balance with your other facial features. With the help of this surgery, a balanced relationship is formed between the structures of the face.

Chin augmentation, also known as chin implants, makes the chin more prominent and balances the relationship between the chin and the nose, in terms of size and outline. This is the reason why this surgery is usually performed together with rhinoplasty. A chin augmentation surgery gives the chin a more masculine or feminine look, according to the standards of proportion and harmony prescribed.

Chin augmentation cosmetic surgery is done to reshape the disfigured chin so as to enhance the appearance of the face. The chin augmentation surgery primarily focuses on correcting the problem of double chin along with damaged chin which is the result of an accident.

Types of Chin Augmentation

Chin Implants: The chin augmentation surgery emphasizes on correcting a poor chin. In chin implant surgery, Silicone implant is the most common implant. The different types of chin implants are-

  • Autologous tissue graft
  • Allograft
  • Bone graft
  • Cadaver bone graft
  • Autologous fat transfer
  • Injectable implant
  • Silicone implant
  • Hydroxypatite implant
  • Polyethylene implants

Chin Reduction Surgery: Also known as cosmetic chin surgery, it aims at removing the surplus fat by making incisions and also by molding the bone of the chin.

Double Chin Plastic Surgery: The surgery undertakes the different causes of double chin like fatty tissues and the surplus skin is first treated and removed. The other preferable technique in which a tiny incision is made in order to remove the surplus fat is known as Tumescent Liposuction.

Genioplasty: The oscillating bone saw is used in order to remove a particular section of the jaw. The metal screws and metal plates are used to keep the bones in a proper place so as to give a new look to the patient.

Cleft Chin Surgery: Chin cleft surgery is a  surgical enhancement of the cheek and chin that brings additional beauty to the face. It can also correct facial asymmetries and congenital defects. It does not require extensive incisions and involves lower chances of infections and discomfort.


Chin Augmentation Candidates

  • Candidates should have a realistic expectation
  • Candidates should be a non-smoker
  • Candidates should be in good health with a normal functioning immune system and jaw
  • Candidates should have a positive outlook

Who should consider Chin implant?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to complete. To avoid possible scars, it is essential to make incisions in the mouth. The chin implant is positioned on the jawbone and the concerned area is closed with the help of absorbable sutures. The chin implants can also be placed by making an external incision below the chin area.

After Chin Augmentation

After performing this surgery, the patient is recommended to stay on liquid diet. A light diet can be started for the next day. The patient should avoid crowded places till the healing is complete. The patient should try to avoid any kind of injury for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

  • Permanent way to achieve a strong chin
  • Multiple chins implant choices are available to achieve your desired look
  • Can be easily performed with other procedures (rhinoplasty/nose surgery)
  • Intra-oral or direct surgical approaches are available
  • Other considerations for chin implants

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

This option is also very safe and it involves Radiesse or also known as Artefill filler injections in the exact areas so as to improve the proportion, length and width of the chin. The procedure in total takes about 10 minutes to complete and involves very less pain.

Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, is done to correct the different types of minor and major dental and skeletal irregularities. This includes misalignment of teeth and jaw. The procedure aims at improving a person’s ability to speak, chew and breathe. This surgery can bring a dramatic improvement in the patient’s appearance.

Cost of Chin Augmentation Surgery in India

The Cost of Chin Augmentation Surgery in India is around $1700 which is less expensive than in other countries of the world. Advanced techniques are available in all the metro cities of India fully equipped with the latest medical facilities. Chin implant surgery in India costs a tenth of the price of comparable treatment in western countries.

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FAQs for Chin Implant and Chin Augmentation

Chin plays a vital role in facial features and chin augmentation helps in correcting the deformities or improving the facial balance. If you have any deformity or have receding skin then you can choose chin augmentation to reshape your chin.

Sliding genioplasty is also a type of chin improvement method, which is a less-invasive surgical procedure. This is a surgical procedure that cuts a bone piece from the lower jaw and moves forward and reattaches the same to the jawbone.

This procedure is performed under light sleep anesthesia, but in case you want to combine it with other cosmetic procedures then this procedure performs under general anesthesia. It takes around 2 hours to perform. Incisions are placed through inside the mouth or under the chin.

Yes, it is possible to combine chin augmentation and other cosmetic procedures. With this procedure, patients choose to undergo a facelift or facial implants. You can discuss the same with your doctor he will guide you for the same.

After this procedure, your face will be more stable and proportionate, as well as you will be having a pleasing look. Chin Implant is a safe procedure that increases your confidence.

After the procedure, there would be some swelling on the chin, doctor does dressing on your chin for at least 5 days. Due to swelling, initially, it would be difficult to perform face movements like chewing, smiling and too much talking. Take a soft food diet in the starting days of your procedure, this will help to avoid pressure on your chin and jaw muscles.

You will have normal pain and discomfort after surgery for the doctor will prescribe pain medication.

You should bring an attendant with you because you will have an anesthesia effect. You can start driving once you feel comfortable and stop pain medication.

It depends on each patient’s case, few patients go back to their work very soon and start light physical activities. You can start with light walking and can do light physical activities thrice a week.

Doctors use a proper technique to place an implant and it does not move from its location unless you get into an accident where your chin is broken. The chances of implant moving are 0 percent.

The result of this implant will be permanent. Many people choose to undergo a single chin implant which lasts for their whole life.

The chances of risks are very less, but the patient experiences swelling, bruising, sometimes lips can be num and infection etc. are the general risks factors. You can discuss the same in detail with your doctor.

If you feel these problems you should immediately consult with the doctor. He will treat you according to your problem and prescribe you antibiotics and pain medicines.

No, Chin Implant does not change your smile. You can undergo smile correction if you want to do something with your smile.

Chin Implants come in different shapes and sizes because it is according to the face cut of each patient. The doctor is going to remove extra fat from your jawline and then place the implant at the time of your procedure.

Implants are made from synthetic materials like silicone, Teflon and Dacron etc. You can ask the same the doctor.

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