Total Penectomy in India

by Rishabh

Penectomy refers to removal of pennies for personal or medical purpose. Total Penectomy is done mostly in the case of penile cancer. It is the most scientific and effective treatment to penile cancer.

Partial Penectomy involves removal of the tip of the penis. In this scenario, sexual intercourse is possible. If required total Penectomy is done, this is a surgical way to remove all parts of the penis. There are two types of Penectomy:

  • Partial Penectomy: Parts of the penis is removed
  • Radical Penectomy: The total penis gets removed

Why is Total Penectomy done?

Total Penectomy is mainly done for medical purposes. Severe cancer requires removal of the penis, which is called Total Penectomy. At times, depending of the seriousness of the diseases only the skin of the penile is removed. On the other hand Total Penectomy is done as body modification as well. In case of accidents, Total Penectomy is also performed. Like, if there are damages occurred in the area around the penis then doctors prescribe a Total Penectomy.

How is Total Penectomy done ?

Based on the severity of cancer the groin and lymph node is removed. First an opening is made in between scrotum and anus. Then under special supervision of specialist doctors the penis and its parts are removed. After the surgery the patient has control over his bladder.

Effects of Total Penectomy

There are few psychological problems related to Total Penectomy. The patient is prescribed to visit a psychiatrist after the operation. Elastrator Bands is prescribed to avoid loss of blood. A new opening for urine is made post surgery in between the roots of the penis and anus. Plastic surgery is also done after the operation, to retain the normal functionality.

Total Penectomy

The Urology Department is one of a kind. You will get specialized doctors and non medical staffs, who are extremely efficiently. Total Penectomy can be done in at the Urology department. There are packages offered on this treatment. Low cost treatment is available as well.

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