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Take Care Of Your Eyes On Diwali ?>

Take Care Of Your Eyes On Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights when everyone prays for happiness and prosperity. But the practice of burning crackers on this day causes a lot of harm to many people. According to statistics, almost 60 percent of injuries happen because of the fireworks happen to the children and the bystanders. Many people can get chronic eye infections, the repercussions of cracker burning at the time of Diwali can be so serious sometimes that some people end-up getting either partial loss of vision or even permanent loss of vision. Thus, it is extremely important that you should take care of your eyes on Diwali. One should take adequate caution at the time of burning crackers.

Protect Your Eyes This Diwali
Protect Your Eyes This Diwali

The Ophthalmology doctors have to warn that the smoke that is produced from the burning of cracker can harm one’s eyes and can cause many kinds of infections such as dryness in the eyes, Meibomian gland dysfunction and so on, primarily in people who work a lot on computers and even those who are generally prone to infections in the eyes, otherwise also.  It is extremely important that such people should take extra care of their eyes.

Eye Injury
Eye Injury



The eye specialists have to give some simple but important tips  and certain  eye treatments following which you save yourself and your loved ones. It is very important that one should keep blinking his or her eyes every now and then in order to protect them from getting dry. Along with this, one should also make use of tear refreshers as well as hot water compression. If you work on computers then you must take a break every hour or so and also use screen guard. If you really want to burn cracker then you should use put on shades or protective glasses before doing so as smoke should not get into eyes at any cost. One must burn crackers only in open areas and children should never be left unattended while they are burning crackers. Another important thing is that one must maintain a safe distance while burning or watching crackers. Even if an injury happens, one must wash his eyes from water and rush to an eye specialist at the earliest.

Safe Diwali

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