About Medi Connect India

Why Medi Connect India

Medi Connect India is a division of Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd, a 2 times National Tourism Award-winning company. Dedicated to provide the best medical solutions to international patients, the website offers affordable treatments at the top-notch hospitals in India.

A healthy body is the dweller of a sound mind. While considering the medical treatment facilities, the name of India mounts to the top as one of the best seats for healthcare. Medical tourism in India includes health care treatments like Oncology, Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiology, Organ Transplant and IVF. Medical treatment in India is done in the most modern way by the highly acclaimed medical professionals. Because of India’s multi-dimensional and comparatively low cost healthcare benefits, people from all around the world consider coming to India for their medical treatments. The Medical Tourism initiative is directed towards helping people worldwide to facilitate best treatments and medical care in India, which is one of the most promising medical travel destinations in the world owing to highly skilled pool of medical professionals and low cost cutting edge technologies of medical science.

National tourism award 2010-2011
National tourism award 2009-2010

What Medi Connect India Offers:

How does Medi Connect India help you

You get the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost because hundreds of hospitals and doctors work with us

We assist you in comparing costs and doctors at top hospitals in different countries

We handle logistics of medical visas, accommodation transportation and hospital visits

During your treatment, we act as your patient advocate at the hospital ensuring transparency in billing

We save you money, our patients on average pay less on their final bill

TRAVEL IN THE TIMES OF COVID-19: We are prepared for the New Normal. Here is important information regarding medical travel!