Facts, Myths & Preventions you need to Know about Cancer

Why does cancer spread after surgery? Is Cancer hereditary or not? Does chewing tobacco lead to cancer? Are a few doubts that people always have. But there are different answers that you get from different people, isn’t it right?

The advancement of technology has benefited a lot of other industries apart from the IT sector. One of them is the medical sector. They have better and new-age equipment, techniques, and the ability to combat different problems. But even after so much knowledge and medical advancement, there are a few almost incurable problems. One of them is Cancer. A lot of studies show that many people fall prey to this deadly disease in the rural and urban areas each year.

Listed Below are the Facts, Myths & Preventions you need to know about Cancer

Some important Cancer Facts You Need to Know

1. Cancer is caused due to the uncontrolled growth of cells in any organ of the human body. This cell causes infection to other cells and causes a complete chain reaction. When the healthy cells of that organ start reducing, the organ fails to cause fatal consequences.

2. According to doctors, there are more than 100 types of cancer. They can happen in any of your body parts.

3. The most common cancer types found in men are lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer. Whereas the ones common in women are lung, breast, and colorectal.

4. A lot of research has shown that a few types of cancer can be inherited from parents or grandparents.

5. The biggest and most common reason why people catch lung cancer is due to chewing and smoking tobacco. According to few surveys, it is seen that a person dies every 30 seconds due to lung cancer caused by tobacco. Moreover, tobacco records approximately 30% of all cancer deaths and more than 80% of deaths caused by lung cancer.

6. Living in an unhealthy or polluted environment can also put a person at risk of getting cancer. From the air you breathe to the water you drink to the food you eat; it is important to keep everything clean. The cells in your body get infected due to pollution, metal toxicity, and even due to certain personal body care and beauty products. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep your homes clean.

7. Do you know how a person gets colon cancer? When you have a habit of sleeping less than 6 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. Your body needs at least 6 hours of sleep every day. During these hours your body detoxifies itself. And when you don’t do that, you risk your body to colon cancer. Studies have also shown that people usually working night shifts are at higher risks.

8. In economically developed countries, 40% of cancer patients happen to be people above the age of 65 years. This is majorly due to unregulated eating habits and unmonitored sleep patterns. This is the reason why old-age people should get themselves checked at regular intervals.

9. One of the most important facts about cancer is that early detection with the help of regular check-ups and screening can help in reducing the chances of death and expenses. Therefore, it is advised to get yourself checked regularly; especially those in their older age.

10. Mostly, a lot of cancer types can be cured if a person is able to diagnose it early. One should also have an active lifestyle, limited to no alcohol consumption, and follow a healthy diet. These are also helpful in terms of combating cancer problems.

11. According to a survey conducted by WHO, approximately 400 thousand children and adolescents are diagnosed with different types of cancer. The common ones amongst children are lymphomas, leukaemia’s, solid tumours, and brain cancers.

12. It is not just the eating habits that should be regulated but even what you eat. People who consume refined flour, soda, high amounts of sugar, processed or grilled meat, microwave popcorn, canned foods, and hydrogenated oils put themselves at a higher risk of getting cancer. One should replace these items as much as possible and refrain from their consumption. It is better to consume items like dark chocolate, avocado, kale, green tea, berries, and garlic. These are cancer-fighting edible items.

13. Nowadays, we have immunotherapy treatments that are available in hospitals. The equipment and techniques help in the detection of cancer cells and attacking them.

It’s no exaggeration but the absolute truth is that Cancer takes more lives every year than any other disease and many people stay unaware of this problem until it’s too late. This problem can start lurking in a person’s body due to a lot of reasons, it can be heredity, pollution, due to lethargic lifestyle, improper eating habits, and a lot of other things.

According to a survey conducted by WHO in 2018 it was seen that approximately 9.6 million people die each year due to one of the forms of cancer. This shows how deadly this disease is.

Common cancer myths and misconceptions that people have:

  • People usually carry a misconception that biopsy and surgery spread cancer but there is no evidence to prove this statement. Also, removing a tumour after testing is an integral part of cancer treatment.
  • Another very important myth amongst people is that eating more quantities of sugar causes cancer. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, it is seen that even if a person stops consuming sugar that won’t cure the tumour or the cancer cells. You will have to get the screening and treatment done to eradicate this problem.
  • Another very common misconception about cancer is that if you bear a solid tumour, there is no need for surgery. But do keep in mind that whichever type of tumour you have, there is always a need for surgery.
  • A lot of people think that Chemotherapy has a lot of side effects. Yeah, it is true! But with medical advancement in the past years, the risk of side effects has reduced immensely.
  • People generally think that all kinds of breast lumps lead to breast cancer. This is not true because the lumps that lead to changes in the breast tissues are the only ones that can probably cause cancer. If you feel uncomfortable, cancer or not, you should surely get yourself checked.
  • While undergoing chemotherapy, cancer patients experience hair loss and that will be permanent. This is not true. Once your Chemo course finishes your hair will grow back to normal.
  • People think that using antiperspirants and deodorants can cause breast cancer. But that’s not completely true. Yes, these products do have a few chemicals, but there is no evidence backing this breast cancer thing.
  • People also have a misconception about the herbal products they use while getting treated. They think while getting their chemotherapy they can keep using these products. But that’s not true. It can adversely react. It is advised to either stop using even the herbal products or consults your doctor before using them.
  • Some people also think that pregnant women diagnosed with cancer cannot take up the treatment. But that’s not true. One should take advice from their doctors before starting their treatment. Also, early findings will give better outcomes for both baby and the mother.

What are the cancer prevention measures that can be taken by a person?

We have talked about the causes of cancer, its myths, and this section will educate you about the preventive tips. Following them can help you in staying away from this problem.

  • One should quit the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • You should always maintain a good body mass index.
  • A balanced diet can also play an important role in keeping you away from some types of cancers.
  • The inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily life can also do wonders.
  • Follow an active regime and stay fit.
  • One should either quit or limit their alcohol consumption.
  • It is important to practice safe sex and stay from things and acts that would increase the chances of getting cancer.
  • You should be vaccinated with human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B.
  • Do not expose yourself too long to the UV radiation.
  • Try to avoid indoor smoke and air pollution.
  • It is important to regularly get yourself screened for cancer and other things. Go for regular full-body check-ups.
  • Make sure to take a second opinion from any senior doctor.
  • Try to know your family history so that you are sure of not getting cancer from your ancestors.

But one thing that’s more dangerous than cancer is the myths and unproven facts that get circulated on the internet. Here are some facts, myths, and prevention tips that you need to know about cancer. Not only will they help in understanding the criticality of this disease but also help in combating it properly. Don’t forget the golden words, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Wrapping Up

There is a lot of research that is still going on in different countries to protect people from this deadly disease. But one thing that each one of us can do as a small contribution towards keeping ourselves safe, is to live a healthy life. Ensure we don’t fall prey to all the myths and hoaxes being circulated on the internet. And go for regular check-ups.

It is also important for people to understand that a healthy and complete diet, good sleep patterns, sufficient sleep, and a lot of other factors do add up to making it a big thing in terms of prevention. So, the preventive tips that are listed above are generic but highly effective. Following these would help you in combating this problem in a better way.

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