Tips to Relieve Your Back Pain

Faulty posture and back pain

Slouchy posture is surely a bad idea for all. A poor posture is one reason that can aggravate your back pain, particularly if you stay in a sitting position for long hours. Try to sit strait, keep your shoulders straight and do not slump on the keyboard. The back of your chair is a supporter for your back. You can place a rolled towel or a pillow between the seat and your back. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor.

Good sleep must relieving back pain

Pain in the back sometimes completely deprives you of a good night’s sleep. Like a vicious cycle, your back pain might get worsened if you are not sleeping properly. You can try and lye on your side. Keeping a pillow between the knees so that the spine is in a neutral position is a good idea as this can take the strain from your back. However, if you are not comfortable in sleeping on your side, you can sleep on your back but by placing a pillow under the knees. Your mattress should be a firm one.

Prescribed relievers for back ache

In some cases, the doctors might prescribe NSAIDs or opioid medications to lessen the pain. It is necessary that you inform your pharmacist of your doctor about all the other medications that you are taking so as to avoid an overdose of some particular ingredients. To release muscle spasms, the doctor might also advise muscle relaxants.

Medicines for back pain

There are 2 types of over-the-counter pain relievers, which generally reduce the back pain- acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). AS both of these have side effects, there are people who avoid taking such medicines. It is advisable to talk to the doctor who would prescribe pain relievers for you. However, these medicines alobe might not be able to put an end to the pain.

Anti-depressant Medication

Sometimes, doctors prescribe anti-depressant medicines to people who are not depressed, as such medicines are a part of the treatment of chronic low back pain. Though their exact assistance is not known but it is believed that such medicines have an effect on the chemicals that are influencing the body’s pain signals.

Avoid resting a painful back

Earlier, bed rest was sometimes prescribed by doctors in the case of back ache but it probably is known to be the worst thing to be done in this case as lying on the back might further your problems. If you really need to take rest, a day or two are sufficient. Get up slowly and start the movements again. You can try light exercises, yoga, walking and swimming to relieve the pain in your back.

Visiting a Physical Therapist

In case of back pain, you can visit a physical therapist who would teach you about the correct way of sitting, standing, and moving while keeping your spine properly aligned and alleviated, not pressurizing your back. The therapist might also teach you special exercises in order to toughen your core muscles so that your back gets complete support. This would also prove helpful in future as increased flexibility and strength reduces back time with time.

Lessen the back pain using ice and heat

Inflammation and back pain from an injury can be lessened by regularly applying ice to the painful part. This can be done a number of times in a day for about 20 minutes every time. Do this for a few days and then turn to heat. You can put a heat pad on the affected area that would be relaxing your muscles and would escalate the flow of blood to the painful part. Warm baths can also prove to be good relaxants. Keep yourself sage from tissue damage by not sleeping on the heating pad.

Try relieving back pain by nerve stimulation

According to some researches chronic back pain can be relieved by nerve stimulation along with some other treatments. One such treatment is acupuncture. Another such method that the doctor can suggest is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). During this method, mild electric pulses are given to the nerves for blocking the signals of pain.

Primary Therapy for back pain relief

According to a study that was done recently, massage once a week for a span of 10 weeks reduces the pain and improves functioning in patients with chronic back ache. This remained so for around 6 months but the effects decreased after 1 year. The other primary approach is spinal manipulation, done by a licensed specialist, which involves several exercises for adjusting the spine and reestablishing the lost flexibility.

Therapy for pain in the back

Though it may sound odd but you can visit a psychologist as according to studies cognitive behavioral therapy assists in relieving chronic back pain. The psychologist would like to know what you think regarding physical activity and if yes then why you are avoiding it. He may assist you in changing your thoughts and try to be more being active, this reducing pain and increasing your ability.

Using Spinal Injections

Spinal injection might also be suggested your doctor for reducing back pain. Several kinds of injections are available and as per the type of injection, the doctor also decides the doses per year for avoiding any possible side effects.

Biofeedback for back ache

A special machine is used in biofeedback that assists in training the patient’s brain in order to control a particular kind of response to the pain. This teaches a person moderation of heart rate, breathing, muscle tension and blood flow. Studies reveal that this has been even more helpful than any medication and had reduced the intensity of pain by around 30 percent and that too with no side effects at all.

Back Surgery

If yours is the case where a bulging disc is straining your nerve, your doctor may suggest a discectomy for removing some disc material or he may recommend a laminectomy for decompressing that area where pressure is being applied on the spinal cord or the nerve. For stabilizing the spine, spinal fusion might be performed. These surgeries should be last option as like other operations, they have their risks too.

These neuro and spine surgeries are available in India along with costs

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