Cancer Surgery from Nigeria to India

Cancer Surgery Options for Nigerians in India

India plays a significant role in eradicating a large chunk of Cancer-related ailments from the world. Being equipped with the latest medical tools and technologies, world-class hospitals perform cancer surgery in India for hundreds and thousands of patients from abroad every year.  

Nigeria is one major country that sees numerous medical tourists coming to India. Every year, thousands of Nigerians travel to India to seek quality medical treatment at affordable costs. As per estimates, more than 40 percent of Nigerians who get visas to India travel for medical tourism

Among those, Cancer surgery is one of the most common reasons behind the visit of a Nigerian to India. Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Benin City, and Kaduna are some of the cities with the highest cancer cases in Nigeria

Why do foreigners opt for Cancer Surgery in India?

Medical and non-medical staff in Indian hospitals provide the utmost care and highest quality of cancer care to the patients. Moreover, many countries may not have the complete infrastructure for treating their cancer patients.

Also, the cost of Cancer surgery in India is a lot cheaper compared to other developed countries. Additionally, the facilities provided have an ultra-modern infrastructure that offers an appropriate environment for patients for the best treatment and recovery. 

What does surgery involve?

Cancer surgery involves physically removing a cancerous tumor from a patient’s body. Surgery is the preferred treatment for cancers that are contained in one area of the body. 

Since it’s a local treatment, it treats only part of your body with Cancer while not being an appropriate form of therapy for leukemia (or other types) which has spread to various parts throughout the human anatomy.

Surgical treatment for Cancer typically involves the following goals:

  1. Removal of tumor in its entirety.
  2. “Debulking” or partial removal of the tumor in case the removal of the entire tumor might damage an organ. Partially removing a tumor can also speed up other cancer treatments and reduce the load on nearby organs.
  3. To ease the pain and other cancer symptoms by surgically removing parts of the tumor that impart pressure on soft tissue.

Equipped with world-class technologies and facilities, Indian cancer hospitals provide surgery that is tailored best to a person’s Cancer. Some of the best hospitals in India for Cancer surgery are Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai, Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, among others. You can get the complete list of hospitals for cancer surgery in India here.

How to get to India?

To reach India for your medical treatment, you can avail the flight option. Through the flight route there are two ways you can take to get to India from Nigeria.

 Option 1 (the cheaper option) – Travel by road to the far north, from Lagos to Bauchi – Maiduguri – N’Djamena, Chad. Then, fly from N’Djamena to Mumbai, India.

 Option 2 – Take a flight directly from Nigeria to India. There is a range of airlines operating flights from Nigeria to India, such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Kenya Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines, among others. 

Generally, the prices range between USD 700 for economy class and USD 1,800 in the case of business class. 

What is the process to get Visa for India?

If you have a Nigerian passport, you can easily get an e-medical visa. Provided your sole purpose of traveling to India is to get medical treatment and where you are getting treated is a reputable hospital or healthcare center accredited by the Indian government. 

The Medi Connect Team will help you provide the Visa assistance letter from the hospital, which is mandatory to get the e-Visa. An essential piece of information to be noted is that for the patient, you need an e-Medical Visa, and for the attendant, you need an e-attendant Visa. For more e-Visa-related details, click here.

The embassy of Nigeria is located at Chandragupta Marg, in New Delhi and can be contacted by telephone at +91-11-24122141 as well as by e-mail for the ambassador’s

Our Medi Connect team are in-house professionals with expertise in solving queries of sensitive patients, and patients are offered a range of options in terms of hospitals and services, For more info regarding medical visa to India, find here.

So, if you are looking for the best cancer surgery in India at affordable rates, do reach out to us by filling out the enquiry form. The Medi Connect team will get back to you with details as soon as possible.


FAQ- About Cancer Sugery In India

Surgery works best for solid tumors that are contained in one area. It is a local treatment, meaning that it treats only the part of your body with cancer.

The correct answer is it depends: on the type of cancer, the stage it is in, and several other factors. 

Sometimes cancer surgery needs to happen as soon as possible. Other times, waiting a while is not a problem. And, sometimes, you might need chemotherapy or radiation before having surgery. It’s not unusual for patients to wait a few weeks for surgery after learning they have cancer.

Always consult your doctor on how long to wait before having surgery.


Cancer that has spread to various parts of the body or developed in an unreachable location, chemotherapy is recommended for destroying cancer and controlling it. Surgery is effective for removing tumors that a surgeon can access and when tumors are localized.