Cancer Treatment Cost For Nigeria to India

Cancer Treatment Packages (Costs) for Nigerians in India

Cancer is one the most critical diseases and the second leading cause of death worldwide. The lack of appropriate facilities and high treatment costs in many countries are the main reasons many people suffer and die even after a cancer diagnosis. Affordable cancer treatment cost in India is one reason why foreigners prefer to visit there for their treatment. 

The situation is even more critical for African countries, particularly Nigeria. If we look at the stats, an estimated 72,000 cancer deaths occur annually – 10 Nigerians are recorded dying of cancer every hour. It is an alarmingly high level. Consequently, Nigerians spend about $260 million on medical expenses in India – cancer diagnosis is among the major ones.

Please find below a rough estimate (not final) of the costs involved in the cancer treatment. 

Cancer TreatmentsProcedure Cost (Starting Price in USD)Procedure Cost (Final Price in USD)
Breast Cancer Treatment – Complete Medical Evaluation18002000
Breast Cancer Treatment – Conservative or Modified Radical Mastectomy45005500
Colon Cancer Treatment – Complete Medical Evaluation1,8002000
Colon Cancer Treatment – Cryosurgery7,5008500
Colon Cancer Treatment – Polypectomy3,0004000
Colon Cancer Treatment – Bowel Diversion Surgery6,0007000
Advanced Oral Cancer Treatment – Surgery, Radiation and/or Chemotherapy45008500
Whipple Procedure for Pancreatic Cancer78008500
Total Pancreatectomy for Pancreatic Cancer60007000
Radical Hysterectomy for Pancreatic Cancer50006000
Advanced Esophageal Cancer Surgery8,0009000
Ovarian Cancer: Radiation Therapy5,0006000
Ovarian Cancer: Chemotherapy5,0006000
Ovarian Cancer: Radical Hysterectomy5,0006000
Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery900011000
Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery70009000
HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer Surgery9,80010500
Brain Cancer Surgery- Craniotomy9,00011000
Brain Cancer Surgery – Micro Surgery12,00013000
Brain Cancer Surgery – Gamma Knife Surgery6,6007800
Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery60007000

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FAQ on Cancer Treatment Cost in India

On average, chemotherapy costs around 5,500 USD. However, the final price can only be shared after a proper diagnosis, as it depends on multiple factors. 

The “chemo treatment” is the same as chemotherapy. Refer to the previous

India is known for affordable medical treatment (particular true for cancer) compared to other developed countries. On average, Cancer treatment costs around 2000 USD, but the exact price is shared only post-diagnosis.