Cosmetic Treatment Cost For UAE to India

Cosmetic Treatment Packages (costs) for Emiratis in India

The steep rise in purchasing power due to the economic boom across nations has enabled people to look for newer and loftier means to uplift their lifestyles. Cosmetic treatment is a major one among them. Many medical tourists visit because facelifts, eyelid surgery, body contouring, dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and hair transplant costs in India are remarkably affordable. 

The patient population from the Middle East, mainly UAE, has greatly benefitted from the best cosmetics treatment facilities in India. Given the rising demand for cosmetic therapy, the influx of Emiratis is only expected to grow in the coming times. 

Please find a rough estimate (not final) of the costs involved in the cosmetic treatment. 

Cosmetics TreatmentsProcedure Cost (Starting Price in USD)Procedure Cost (Final Price in USD)
Brow / Blepharoplasty27003200
Breast Lift with Augmentation42005500
Breast Reduction42005200
Tummy Tuck48005200
Calf Augmentation31004000
Arm Lift25003000
Male Breast Reduction in India17002200
Hair Transplantation Surgery2 $ per follicle3$ per follicle
Ear Reshaping/ Otoplasty18002200
Cheek Augmentation Surgery23502700
Chin Implant surgery17002000
Vaser Lipo – Major27003400
Vaser Lipo – Medium23003200
Vaser Lipo – Minor18002500

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FAQ about cosmetic treatment costs in India

The price of cosmetic surgery in India is around 2,000 USD. However, the exact price is decided at the hospital after looking at the patient’s needs

The cost of plastic surgery is around 3600 USD in India. However, one must consult the surgeon as per the requirements to get the final price. 

The minimum cost of plastic surgery in India is 3,000 USD. However, the final price will be shared at the hospital as per the patient’s requirements.