Medanta Gurgaon Post Ptca/Cabg/Valve Follow Up Package

At Medanta, we always look to help and simplify the journey back to good health for all our heart patients, In the Medanta Post PTCA/CABG/Valve Follow-up package we have combined all heart screening follow-up tests together with the expertise of our cardiologists to help you monitor your heart’s health.

Medanta post ptca/cabg/valve follow up Package Price- Starting from USD 105/-
Complete Haemogram
Blood Sugar Fasting and Post Prandial
Serum Urea
Serum Creatinine
Serum Uric Acid
Serum Sodium
Serum Potassium
Urine Analysis
Lipid Profile
Prothrombin Time and INR
Creatinine Phosphokinase
Stress Echo/DSE/TMT + Echo
Chest X-ray
Chest X-ray

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