Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck) in India

Abdominoplasty, also known as Tummy Tuck, is a surgical process by which the extra skin around the area of the tummy or abdomen is removed and the wall muscles are also tightened. Many people suffer from excess skin in their abdomen area which cannot be reduced by following any diet or physical exercises.

The Tummy Tuck procedure is the last option available for those who have tried all their means in order to get a perfect shape tummy. Abdominoplasty is a solution to the problem for those women who have developed loose skin due to pregnancy. There are mainly two types of abdominoplasties, one is partial which only focuses on the region below the navel, while complete abdominoplasties are regarded as wide and more extensive.

Who should consider a Tummy Tuck?

  • Women candidates having excess skin due to several pregnancies
  • Candidates with excess abdominal skin
  • Candidates having weak abdominal muscles
  • Candidates having immense fatty tissue around the abdomen area
  • Non-smoker candidates
  • Candidates of stable health and body
  • Loose skin due to aging
  • Candidates having sagging skin of hereditary issues

Procedure for Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The different types of abdominoplasties are-

1) Complete Abdominoplasties

The surgical procedure involves making incisions making two incisions. First incision is starting from hip to hip and over the pubic area. The other incision surrounds the skin in order to make the navel free. The surgeon then separates the skin from the walls of the abdomen so as to tighten the fascia and the muscles. Further, the sutures tighten the fascia wall. The liposuction technique can also be used to redefine the abdominal figure.

2) Partial Abdominoplasty

The surgical procedure involves making a little incision and the lower abdomen fat and skin are separated from the fascia muscle. The surgeon then stretches down the skin in order to remove the extra skin. Many times a section of the muscle fascia is also tightened. The liposuction technique is also used to outline the transition zone. In the end, the flap is stitched up in its place.

3) Circumferential Abdominoplasty

This abdominoplasty comprises of both extended abdominoplasty along with buttock lift. Belt Lipectomy is a surgical operation where the scar is done around the whole body. This procedure is apt for those patients who have lost excessive weight.

Mommy Makeovers

Abdominoplasty is often performed with other surgeries like breast reduction, liposuction, breast lift and sometimes also with hysterectomy. ‘Mommy makeover is the name used for performing different breast procedures along with abdominoplasty.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

The results after the surgery are very satisfying. The healing process can take several months and the patient has to follow a strict diet exercise and diet regime. After a year’s time, the scars will be less visible and smoother. The patient is advised to quit smoking as it can delay the healing process.

Laser surgery for Tummy Tuck

Laser Abdominoplasty Surgery ( non-surgical method) is the procedure in which lasers are used to melt the extra sagging skin of the abdomen area. The non-surgical (non-invasive) method has many advantages over the surgical tummy tuck procedure. The advantages include no or maybe small scarring, less recovery time, less pain and affordability as compared to the surgical process of a tummy tuck. Another benefit is that the non-invasive method uses small lasers which can reach to every abdomen area while the large instruments in the tummy tuck (traditional process) cannot.

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

This surgery is performed to enhance the overall appearance of the loose sagging skin and also the stretched skin of the abdomen. This procedure opts for those men and women who are not suitable enough for going through full abdominoplasty surgery. This involves very less recovery time and hard exercises should be avoided.

Cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery in India

The cost of Abdominoplasty is around $1800 in India which is very affordable as compared to any other country in the world. The medical facilities in India are known all over the world for their medical services and the latest technologies used.

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At the time of Tummy tuck, the lower and middle abdomen area is reshaped.

If you feel extra fat in your abdomen area which is genuinely unaffected by exercise or diet, or you are not happy with the shape of your stomach, sagging skin on the abdomen due to pregnancy etc. These are factors are some of the reasons to undergo a Tummy Tuck procedure.

No, the tummy tuck is not the way to lose weight. It is totally aimed at removing the patient’s extra skin and fat and accordingly, he/she will lose weight.

The abdominoplasty procedure concentrates on removing fat from the lower abdomen. In this way stretch marks will be removed automatically. But fat from the upper thighs and upper abdomen will not be removed. So, patients can find stretch marks in these areas.

Scars are totally depended on the amount of skin removal and fat removal. Sometimes after Mini tummy tucks, you can find some scars. Generally, proper tummy tucks and muscle repair have no scars.

Tummy tucks is a permanent procedure, but patient needs to maintain their healthy lifestyle, should not gain weight as well as not to get pregnant.

Pain is totally depending on muscle tissues repair at the time of the procedure. You are going to feel more pain if more muscle tissues will be repaired. But now a day’s pain medication solves this problem. This will be discussed with you at the time of the procedure.

It totally depends on each patient's case. Few patients come back to their normal activities within one month's time. The patient should be very careful in the first 2 weeks after the procedure because the abdomen area will be sensitive in starting weeks. Patients should start with light and then they slowly come to normal activities. Please discuss the same with your doctor as well.

Yes, you can get pregnant because it doesn’t affect your ability to conceive. If you want to conceive, it is better you should undergo a procedure after your pregnancy.

Yes, you can undergo other cosmetic procedures like mommy makeovers, breast lifts, breast augmentation or liposuction, etc. Ask your doctor about the same, your doctor can only decide the treatment accordingly.

Yes, you will have drains for 10 days after a tummy tuck.

Liposuction can be done as an outpatient through a non-invasive technique that reduces fat from a particular part of your body, this also gives fast recovery as well as less in cost.

Whereas Tummy Tuck can be done as an inpatient through an invasive technique that reshapes skin and fat from the abdomen area, recovery is lengthy for this procedure and the cost is high.

General anesthesia is used during the procedure.

Exercise is always beneficial for our health. Exercise can easily improve and spread the results of a tummy tuck.

Yes, smoking can create problems in wound healing. It also can create problems with anesthesia. You should stop this at least 8 weeks before surgery.

There are so many people who undergo tummy tuck surgery, the risk is the same as other surgical procedures like infection, skin loss or bleeding. Most patients who do not smoke or have good health, minimize the risk factors. You should always consult with a doctor about the risks of this surgery.

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