Vasectomy (Male Sterilization) Surgery in India

Vasectomy is also termed as male sterilization. The process involves prevention of sperm entering the seminal stream. This is a permanent solution to birth control.

Vasectomy should not be understood as castration (removal of the testicle). The surgery does not involve much time and complication. It is all about sealing one side of vas deferens. Vasectomy is executed in a medical clinic and it takes 30 minutes for the procedure to be completed. Within one hour of Vasectomy, the patient is send back home.

Types of Vasectomy

There are different types Vasectomy, which a patient can choose from.

No-Scalpel vasectomy:

This method is also known as the key-hole vasectomy. This involves puncture of the scrotal sac. This method has less chance of infection.

Open-Ended vasectomy:

In this method does not involve sealing of the testicular end of the vas deferens.


This is the normal method of vasectomy with local anesthesia. This is a painless method.

Fascial Interposition:

This method prevents recanalization of vas deferens.

Vas Irrigation:

It involves injecting of sterile water to the distal portion of the vas deferens. This kills the sperms.

Benefits of Vasectomy

There are various benefits of Vasectomy:

  • As and when a couple decides not to have many more children they can go for Vasectomy.
  • Vasectomy is permanent, so instead of using long-term contraceptive, the method of vasectomy is better.
  • It has less complication than permanent sterilization in women.

The process of Vasectomy

Vasectomy involves making the skin of the scrotum numb at first. Then 2 incisions are made on the scrotum. Through the incisions the vas deferens are accessed by the surgeon. The tubes are cut. A section from there is removed as well. Then the ends of the tubes are closed.

Vasectomy in Hospital

Hospital is well equipped with the modern equipments for its patients. The Urology department helps in the method of Vasectomy. Hospital has adapted one of the best practices in Vasectomy. The patients are treated with care.

Multi Speciality hospitals in India have,well equipped centres for Urology and Andrology .These centers offer comprehensive servicesand low cost Vasectomy treatment packages in India. Vasectomy, here is performed under supervision of experienced surgeons.

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