Cholesterol fact or fiction?

Cholesterol fact or fiction?

1. High Cholestrol can hurt your sex life?

Cholestrol, which generally accumulates inside one’s body due to unhealthy eating habits is a sure killer of your sex life. When the levels of cholesterol in one’s body are high, blood flow in the pelvic region get slow due to the narrowing of blood vessels. This causes difficulty in maintaining the arousal level or getting aroused at the first place. High cholesterol not only effects men, but women too, with an equal impact on their satisfying sex lives. Thus, maintaining the cholesterol level is counted amongst the methods of improving one’s carnal desires. This can be achieved by eating right, exercising and maintaining an ideal body weight.

2. Which is worse for your cholesterol?

This one’s a real heartbreaker! Research has shown that with every scoop of an ice-cream, even it’s a tiny one, transfers 11 gm of saturated fat into a person’s body. This much fat is still more than what is obtained from an egg or a slice of steak. Unsaturated fat is the root cause of people’s cholesterol levels rising to an alarming level. Thus, limit your cholesterol intake to 300 milligram a day, which will leave you with only one egg per day (170 mg).

3. If you’re thin, you don’t need to think about cholesterol?

People with slim structures also need to focus on their dietary habits as they are also prone to rise in their cholesterol levels, strictly because of their genes. This so can also happen to a person who claims to be totally fit. Thus, it is advised one must be updated about his cholesterol levels, and also have complete information about the history of family members if any suffered from a cholesterol related problem in the past.

4. Why is LDL called “bad” cholesterol?

LDL or ‘Low-density Lipoprotein’ can be a bad stuff for the body if starts getting accumulated in the blood an extensive form. Too much of LDL can result in forming plaque on the artery walls, causing it to narrow down and get stiffened. A bad level of this kind is considered a major cause of a heart stroke or several other diseases of the heart.

5. So why is HDL cholesterol “good”?

Opposite to the LDL is the HDL (High-density Lipoprotein) which acts as a cleansing agent in the blood. It works by transferring excess cholesterol to liver to be removed properly. In this way, preventing the clogging of arteries inside the body.

6. Why do men have cholesterol trouble earlier than women?

Hormones are the prime reasons that make up for creating a safe zone for women earlier than men, when talking about cholesterol problems. It is actually the estrogen hormone in females which keep them at bay by lowering down bad cholesterol and increasing the good ones. However women do fall prey to high cholesterol when their body stops producing estrogen. This so happens at the time of menopause.

7. Which lifestyle changes are best for taming cholesterol?

Cutting down on saturated fat is certainly the best life style change that one can opt to regulate his cholesterol level. By avoiding trans-fat and eating less of the saturated food, the desired output can be achieved. Quitting smoking can help as well; as it increases the good cholesterol level in the body and improving the functioning of the heart.

8. Drinking alcohol can help your cholesterol levels if you

Having alcohol in moderation is certainly the trick to raise your good cholesterol, but be a little careful on this as limiting here means 1 to 2 drinks a day for men. Women have to cut their intakes slightly more than men; only 1 drink per day. It is not just the red wine that proves good for the heart, but many more as well. Too much alcohol drinking is highly harmful for the heart and other body organs in many ways.

9. Which food label matters most if you’ve got high cholesterol?

In order to keep your cholesterol levels maintained, it is highly necessary that the food products that you consume be free from trans-fat.  Trans fat, like no other fat, plays with the good and bad cholesterol level and thereby causes problem to the body. Products like baked goods, snack foods and fried foods make use of trans fat by putting the label of ‘partially hydrogenated oil’

10. What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides is a kind of fat that is commonly found in the human body and the food that we eat. We make use of this fat for energy and when we overeat or consume more calories than our requirement, extra Triglycerides get stored in the form of fat cells. A high level of this kind of fat leads to heart diseases. Therefore, while diagnosing the cholesterol level, the doctors also checks for the level of Triglycerides in the body.   

11. Which workout is best for your cholesterol?

Circuit training is amongst the effective ways to bring down the cholesterol level of a person. It works in two ways; a heart pumping cardio exercise and strength training. In order to yield good results, exercises must be categorized as moderate and intense. Remember the key is to sweat more and get your heart pumping fast.

12. High cholesterol leads to?

When the human body faces the condition of fatty skin growths, it is known as Xanthomas. It is a visible condition and one of the outward signs of a cholesterol increase in the body. Xanthomas can also lead to the clogging of arteries, which further makes way for the serious condition of a heart attack.

13. Watching your cholesterol helps keep your mind sharp?

Just like the cholesterol level; healthy or unhealthy very much effects the heart, it equally creates an impact on the human brain also. A high level of cholesterol can lead to mini strokes, which can further create thinking as well as memory problems.

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