Clarion Call to Blood Donors – Health Benefits of Blood Donation

World donor day is today on June 14, 2013. This prestigious day is celebrated all over the world and is marked with many events that include mobile blood donation clinics, football matches and concerts. The day emphasizes on the need for safe blood and its products that save millions of lives every year. The blood is a life-saving gift that provides a better quality of life for those patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions. On the other hand, blood also supports surgical and complex medical procedures.

Blood Donation
Save a Life Give Blood

In some countries there is inadequate supply of blood. The emphasis is not only on the sufficient supply of the blood, but also on its safety and quality. The only way to maintain an adequate supply of blood is by organizing regular donations from voluntary blood donors. The main goal of WHO is to obtain blood from all countries from their voluntary donors by the year 2020. Even today, 40 countries in the world are still dependent on paid donors and family donors. This year is the 10th anniversary of world blood donor day that encourages young people to donate more and more blood to help in saving millions of lives. This year’s objective is to promote unpaid blood donation and also to convince many health ministries around the world to obtain safe blood products and blood based on 100% voluntary blood donation.

Blood donation is not only beneficial for the person who receives it, but has also proved beneficial for the donor. Its benefits include –

  • The body generates new blood that in turn produces fresh cells in the body. This process maintains the body system in a better way.
  • By donating the blood, proper balance of the iron levels is maintained that reduces the risk of cancer.
  • The blood volume balances when we donate blood. This also controls high blood pressure.
  • The amount of cholesterol automatically decreases when we donate blood.

The feeling is altogether amazing when you consider the potential health benefits of blood donation along with the happiness of saving someone’s life. It just takes an hour to donate the blood that not only saves the life of a lucky recipient but benefits the donor too.

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