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11 Easy Ways to Get More Water (INFOGRAPHICS)

by Rishabh

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best options if you are trying to lose weight. It is advisable that you keep sipping water before having your meals so that the calories that you consume later on are less. Along with this, it is another way to stop save yourself from over eating as when you drink water, a layer forms inside your stomach, you feel fuller and eat less.

It is believed by many that it is necessary for a person to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. The matter of the fact is that the food that you consume also contains water and is counted in water intake. However, it is quite possible that you are not in-taking the necessary amount of water, simply because you forget to do it or you do not like the plain taste.

The blog enlists 11 ways to get more water:


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1.   Plan out a timetable

In a similar manner that you make a schedule for your daily work routine, chart out a schedule of refilling you glass with water as quickly as possible. For instance, drink a glass of water when you get up in the morning, then have water again before and after breakfast, and again during snack time and so on. You can set a reminder on your phone for some days and slowly it will be a habit.

2.   Have watermelon

Watermelon as the name suggests is 91 percent water, keep you well hydrated. Eat watermelon during breakfast, during snack time or as a replacement for dessert. Eat it during any time of the day.

3.   Keep your water bottle with you

Before you step out of your house, put your water bottle with you. It is not only an eco-friendly habit but is an amazing way to keep water handy and gulp it in whenever you feel thirsty. To make the idea convincing, purchase an interesting looking bottle for yourself that you can carry wherever you go.

4.   Add some flavor to your water

If you do not like to drink plain water all the time, just add in flavors like vegetable, fruits, spices and fresh herbs etc. For instance, fill a jug of water and add several ice cubes to it. You can put in different flavor combinations such as fresh basil leaves with strawberries, apples clubbed with cinnamon sticks as well as cucumber and mint leaves.

5.   Put in some fizz factor

You can also make a no fuss fizzy drink.  Add your favorite fruit juice in club soda or seltzer water. You can opt any- apple juice, mango, black raspberry, pomegranate and acai juice. They make a great combination with soda.

6.   Coffee consumptions counts

This might come in as a surprise as your daily coffee consumption also counts in your everyday fluid intake. However, it is important that they intake of caffeinated drinks should not be too much as it leads to frequent urge to urinate. 2-3 cups on a daily basis is okay.

7.   Organize a tea party

Fill your cup with decaffeinated tea, sit back on the couch and just relax. It will hydrate you in the same manner as water does.

8.   Start your meal with soup

Before you start your meal, pick a broth-based soup as your appetizer. Try to avoid cream-based soup. The soup will add put a layer and fill your stomach and would be counted in fluid intake. It is a proven fact that if you consume soup you eat less during meals.

9.   Add salad

Salad is also a smart way of consuming water. Most of the salads consist of water-rich vegetable such as lettuce which is 96 percent water and thus, they are quite low in calories. Please remember that you do not add fattening toppings or extra dressing.

10.   Eat broccoli

There are certain food items that do not look like they are water-rich fruits. The best example of this is broccoli that is around 90 percent water. You can eat stir-fried broccoli or can eat it raw with hummus dip.

11.   Milk is important

Daily products are a good option as they keep you hydrated along with adding calcium as well as Vitamin D to your diet. Go for fat-free or low-fat milk or yoghurt (85 percent water). You can try substitutes such as soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and hemp milk if you are not fond of regular dairy products.


Written by Geetika Handa

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