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Eat fruits with an empty stomach for good health

by Rishabh

Fruits, which are highly synonymized with good health are medically proven to be rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibers and water. It is a universally approved concept and eating the more and more of them will certainly to maintain a better wellbeing.

Eat fruits with an empty stomach for good health

However, modern times have influenced the eating habits of human population to a great extent and this healthy food group has been categorized into some snack. One just pops a slice of this snack in his mouth, without paying any heed to certain guidelines as to when and how it must be done.

Some of these are mentioned as below:

Why it is good to eat fruits in an empty stomach:

People usually are in a habit of eating fruits whenever they want, without caring if their stomach is full or not.  Medical science claim it is a bad habit as it does not allow the body to absorb the complete nutritional package of the fruit. This will not happen if one consumes his fruit diet in an empty stomach. This habit of eating fruit empty stomach encourages detoxification of the body system.

Other than that, it also supports proper consumption of all the nutrients of the fruit. Thereby, supplying a power boost of energy to carry on daily activities and also contribute in weight loss.

The logic of eating fruit in an empty stomach can be explained by an example. Suppose you eat some slices of bread along with slices of a fruit as your breakfast. Instead of the fruit going straight into the intestine, it will be prevented by the couple of bread slices you just had. After a while, when the digestion of the meal will begin, it will start to rot because of the digestion of the fruit taking place simultaneously. This arises symptoms like bloating and gas.

Recall the last time, when you had a water melon and you burped, or a banana and felt the nature’s call. Well, the answer lies in teaming up your food with a fruit, which should be completely avoided.

Experts believe there are certain other medical conditions which can be prevented by having fruits in an empty stomach. Some of them are dark circles under the eyes, balding, graying of hair and nervous outburst.

Various researches have proven that on mastering the proper ways of eating fruits, one can relish the benefits of longevity, good health, energy, normal body weight, beauty and happiness.

How to apply this rule of eating fruits in an empty stomach

A normal human being goes by the tendency of having three large meals a day. This means that one needs to fit in their fruits tactfully between the meals of the day. Keep a note of the time when you have a meal; either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, one must avoid counting dinner time in this as fruits are known to be high on natural sugar content, which can take you miles away from your sleepy behavior. Thus, stick to your breakfast and lunch timings and have your fruit serving 1 hour before or 2 hour after the meal. If you are a fan of a heavy meal, then adjust your timings as 3-4 hours after the meal.

On the other hand, a meal of green salad requires a time gap of 1.5 hours before you treat yourself with juicy fruit slices.

The best we can suggest is to eat fruits the very first thing in the morning as the stomach gets completely empty by that time. Other than this, choose to have your fruit servings as a mid-day snack between breakfast and lunch. Feeling much hungry post fruit servings is a sign of an incomplete breakfast, which must be taken care of.

Dos and Don’ts of having a diet full of fruits

  • If you wish to enjoy a glass of fruit juice, avoid the canned ones. It is always a must to drink fresh fruit juice, squeezed out from the fruit. One must not have heated up fruit juice too.
  • Cooking of fruit is also to be avoided, for it burns down all the nutrients available in the fruit.
  • A 3-day fruit fast works wonderful in detoxifying the body. Spend your days eating just fruits and if you feel like, have fruit juices as well.
  • As per the suggestion of doctors, having a full fleshed fruit is always better than having a glass of fruit.
  • While drinking juice, do it at a moderate pace. It is always good to have a mouthful of it one at a time, as in this way it will easily mix with the saliva.

Super fruits which are a must in your daily fruit diet  



Believe in the common saying when it says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” because it is definitely true. The fruit stays high on antioxidants and flavonoids, which helps in improving the activity of vitamin C it carries; irrespective of the low amount of this vitamin in apple. Having an apple on a daily basis can greatly lessen the chances of a heart a stroke and colon cancer.



Doctors believe it to be the sweetest medicine ever. It is proven that having oranges (2 to 4) a day can benefit the body in keeping the problem of cold and high cholesterol at bay. It also helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer and dissolving of kidney stones.



For vitamin C, you can substitute oranges with kiwis, for this fruit has twice the content of the vitamin you are looking for. Besides, Kiwi is also a rich source of magnesium, potassium, fiber and vitamin E.



92% of watermelon is actually water and when you have this fruit, you consume more than just water. It’s the huge dose of glutathione to boost up the immune system and lycopene, a cancer fighting oxidant that is also offered by this juicy fruit. Vitamin C and Potassium are also known to be among the major ingredients of watermelon.



Among all the fruits, strawberry is known to be the bearer of the maximum amount of antioxidants. The fruit also reduces the chances of cancer and clogging of blood vessels.

Guava and Papaya

Guava and Papaya

In the league of fruits enriched with vitamin c, Guava and Papaya hold the top most spot. Guava also has a high amount of fiber content which helps in overcoming the problem of constipation. Whereas Papaya is high on carotene, that makes the fruit good for eyes.

Is it ok to drink cold water after a meal?

A big no to this!

Those of you who like to savor a glass of cold water after or with every meal, forget this habit right away. The risk here lies in the concept of solidifying the oil by the cold water that enters the stomach with the food we eat. This process of solidification can slow down the digestion process and with this creates a condition of ‘sludge’ formation. The sludge reacts with the acid in the stomach it gets digested and absorbed by the intestine, much faster than the food.

When this happens, the intestine gets an oil lining which in no time turns into fat. This condition of fat formation on the intestine is highly carcinogenic.

If you just cannot abstain yourself from this habit of yours, replace cold water with hot soup or warm water.

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