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Health Conditions That Affect Your Kidneys

by Rishabh
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Different kinds of health problem can have an adverse effect on one’s kidneys, leading to Chronic Kidney Diseases or CKD. Over time, the condition can get only worse. If there is further damage, kidneys can stop working, leading to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure. One is left for only two option- kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. Here are some health conditions that affect your kidneys:

Conditions That Affect Your Kidneys

High Cholesterol

Excess of bad cholesterol can slowly build up in the vessels, which carry blood into and out from the kidneys. This affects the working of this human organ. High cholesterol is also one of the reasons for diabetes and high BP. To determine the level of cholesterol, a blood test is required.


Diabetes is one of main cause of kidney failure. This health problem can damage the filters and small blood vessels of kidneys. Our body absorbs more or water and salt than it ideally should. As a results, our body holds more of waste that is needed in our system. If there is any damage in the nerves, this can take urine back upwards, harming the kidneys because of infection or pressure.


Lupus is that ailment that causes to immune system to attack some parts of the body. When this problem affects the kidneys, it is called lupus nephritis. It leads to inflammation and also damages small blood vessels whose function is to take waste out of the kidneys. Various medications are administered to correct this condition. Some can have an effect on the immune system white other medication offer respite from blood pressure, excess of fluid and swelling.

High Blood Pressure

If the pressure of flow of the blood is too high in our body, it can cause scaring, stretching and weakening of the blood vessels, along with the vessels present in our kidneys. This hampers their ability to get rid of waste from the kidneys. The excess of fluid in the blood vessels can also the shoot up the blood pressure even more, working like a vicious cycle. This problem can be corrected with medication along with brining changes in fitness routine, diet and levels of stress.

Anorexia Nervosa

People suffering from anorexia nervosa have an impractical physique as they do not eat enough that is needed for an ideal body weight. Such people weigh almost 15 percent less than what their weight should be. This can cause deficiency of salt and water on that person’s body, leading to CKD, and finally kidney failure. This problem mainly happens in the case of those people who first binge eat and then vomit so that they get rid of all the calories.

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

This problem arises when the person’s red blood cells get damaged leading the blockage in the filtering system of kidneys. This can eventually cause kidney failure. This syndrome can arise after around a week of diarrhea, which is caused because of some kind of medication or infections like coming from E. coli bacteria. If one receives quick treatment, full recovery is possible. If you are suffering are diarrhea, are feeling extremely tired or are not peeing properly, then you must visit your doctor. Unusual bleeding and mysterious bruises can also be two of the symptoms.

Blood Clots

Blood clots can be formed due to a number of health conditions but thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura is one such blood disorder that is mostly linked to kidney diseases. It leads to clotting of small blood vessels that can have an adverse effect on heart and brain. Extreme tiredness, headache, chest pain, fever, bruising, diarrhea, bleeding from hums or nose and confusion are some of the symptoms. See your doctor as soon as the symptoms are noticed.

ANCA Vasculitis

ANCA Vasculitis occurs when the person’s antibodies that fight germs, on the contrary, attacked the small blood vessels of our body including kidneys. This can result in protein and blood in the urine, resulting in kidney failure. Look out for symptoms like tea-colored pee, body ache, fever, and pain in muscles and joints.

Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma is that sort of a cancer, which attacks plasma or white blood cells that assists a person in fighting infection. Cancer cells start growing in the person’s bone marrow covering over the healthy blood cells, forming up abnormal proteins, resulting in kidney ailments. Around half of the patients suffering from this problem, end up with kidney conditions.

Urine Blockage

It sometimes happens that there is an urge to pee but one is not able to pee properly. This happens when the urine gets blocked, thereby damaging the kidneys. Pressure gets created near the kidneys, causing infection in kidneys and in other body parts. Some of the ailments that can lead to this problem are colon cancer, bladder cancer, enlarged prostate, blood clots in the urinary tract, kidney stones and prostate cancer. In case of blood in your urine or incase if you are peeing less or more in comparison to normal days, contact your doctor right away.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease leads to growth of small sores and cysts with fluid inside a person’s body. This increases the size of the kidneys, thereby damaging the tissues around them. One of the causes of this is problematic genes that we get from our parents. If the problem is not diagnosed and treated on time, it can lead to chronic kidney disease and finally to final-stage renal disease.


Scleroderma is a cluster of rare health problems because of which the skin and connective tissues become tight and hard. This disease can also sometimes harm other organs and blood vessels. Its effect on kidneys is that they do not work properly, thereby letting the required protein escaping by the way of urination. This problem can also cause high blood pressure and quick kidney failure.

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