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Columbia Asia Offer Exclusive Treatments for Cochlear Implants and BAHA Surgery

by Rishabh
Columbia Asia Offer Exclusive Treatments for Cochlear Implants and BAHA Surgery

What is a Cochlear Implant?

It is an electronic device surgically implanted to replace the function of the impaired ear. Also known as the bionic ear, Cochlear Implant mainly work on the damaged portions of the inner ear (cochlea) to transport sound signals to the brain. The implant constitutes of an artificial ear connected to an electrode outside the head that stimulates the aural nerve inside the ear. The individual parts of the implant include:

Cochlear Impalnts

Cochlear Impalnts


  • Microphone: It picks up sound and noises from the external environment
  • Speech Processor: It filters unnecessary sound from the microphone to prioritize audible speech.
  • Transmitter: It is a coil attached to a magnet and convert the sound to electronic impulses.
  • Electrode Array: It transports electronic impulses to the auditory nerve
Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

What is a BAHA Surgery?

BAHA Surgery

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

BAHA ( Bone-anchored hearing aid )is a kind of hearing aid based on bone transfer. It is a surgical procedure conducted on newborn infants having underdeveloped bilateral ears. Such condition is quite challenging as the patients require both restoration of the auricle and treatment of hearing. In this process, titanium prosthesis are implanted into the skull with a small abutment visible outside the skin. A sound processor outside the ear is attached to the abutment and send sound signals to the prosthetic implant. The prosthetic implant stimulates the cochlea (inner ear) leading to improved hearing.

Baha Surgery

Baha Surgery


Columbia Asia Hospitals Private Limited

Columbia Asia Hospitals Private Limited is one of the famous corporate hospital chains operating in India through 100% FDI. The hospital group is owned and funded by 150 private equity companies, fund management organizations and individual financer. Columbia Asia operates a total of 8 multi-specialty hospitals in different cities of India. Some names are:

  • Columbia Asia, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
  • Columbia Asia, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore
  • Columbia Asia, Hebbal, Bangalore
  • Columbia Asia, Salt Lake, Kolkata

The hospital group is setting new benchmarks for itself with each passing day and of late, Dr. Shomeshwar Singh, Consultant ENT & Cochlear Implant surgeon, along with his expert team of doctors has conducted a successful Cochlear Implant surgery at affordable cost on the right ear of a 3 year old girl. After the three weeks of recuperation process, the girl can now hear like a normal child. The hospital chain aims at providing the advanced level of medical examination , surgical and remedial services .

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