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Top 10 bizarre birth defects- Part I

by Rishabh
Top 10 bizarre birth defects- Part I

Birth defects are human abnormalities that have been around as long as human life has been in existence. There are various kinds of common birth defects which happen all the time, but there are certain uncommon as well as bizarre birth defects, which can actually be disturbing to some people. Here is a list of top 10 bizarre birth defects known in the world today (the list is no particular rank) :

Warning: some images on this list may disturb.

  1. Siamese Twins

Getting its name from the country where the first such case of conjoined twins was detected, comes the name Siamese twins. It is a rare birth disorder where the twins by birth are joined together from one or more parts of their bodies. In the rarest of cases, they can be born joined at the top of their heads. There are very little chances that when Siamese twins are separated, both live their full lives.

  1. Ambras Syndrome

Ambras Syndrome is a birth disorder where a child is born with excessive hair over the face as well as the body. This is an extremely rare disease. Today there are only 40 humans in the world who are suffering from this disease. People suffering from this problem can be quite unfortunate as they are many times rejected by their peers.

  1. Fused Limbs

Fused limbs is a disorder where two limbs are joined together which mainly happens in the cases of toes or fingers. One in every 70,000 babies born, has this birth defect. One of the most recent cases was in Peru, when a baby girl was born with her legs completely fused, giving her a mermaid-like appearance.

  1. Cyclopia

Cyclopia is a rare birth defect which gets its name from the popular mythical creature, the Cyclops. In this defect, babies are born with only one eye in the middle of their head. It is said that this problem might be related to certain cancer treatment drugs, which are consumed by pregnant women.

  1. Craniopagus parasiticus

Craniopagus parasiticus is a birth condition where a baby is born with a parasitic kind of an extra head from their unborn twin, till date there have only been 10 documented cases in the written history, with only three surviving. In one of the more bizarre cases, the second head of a child had the ability to blink, smile, cry and suckle.

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