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How to Improve Liver Function in 6 Steps

by Rishabh

Liver is known to be not only one of the largest but also one of the most hard-working human organs. Liver is a multi-tasking organ and if it does not works properly, there is enlargement and distress in the digestive system, which can harm other parts of the human body. Proper digestion, good metabolism, clean blood, healthy circulation, and balance in hormones is impossible without a liver that works properly. If you experience symptoms like excessive fatigue, bloating, hormonal imbalance or constipation, there can be a problem.

How to Improve Liver Function

Liver health is important for removing toxins from the body and it is its task to divide the food nutrients throughout the body through our bloodstream. Benefits of a healthy liver:

  • Unblemished skin
  • Riddance from sinus pain
  • Immunity gets stronger
  • Infections becomes less
  • Sharp mind and good mood
  • Energy levels are boosted
  • Menstrual cycle becomes regular and PMS is reduced
  • Improved oral health

Functioning of Liver

Liver identifies toxins, converting them into harmless material, which can be released from the body. If we want that our blood flow should be smooth, we must work towards getting a healthy liver and make our bodies, healthy too. This human organ stays in touch with other organs like spleen, stomach and gallbladder, and keeps a track of good and bad substances in the body.

One of the main functions of liver is that it regulates the blood supply including blood storage. The blood flows outward and upward via veins, capillaries, and vessels, transporting nutrients and oxygen. It breaks down the damaged blood cells so that they can be removed.

Tips to Improve Liver Function

1. Consuming anti-inflammatory food items

To support the liver, it is important that we consume diet that low in toxins and low in sugar. A diet rich on fiber and antioxidants can even inverse the liver diseases and damage. We know that liver is the only organ that frees our body from toxins and when this is not possible, high levels of toxins harm our immunity leading to autoimmune problem and inflammation. Problems like leaky gut and food allergies can also arise.

Excessive sugar from sweetened drinks, refined grains, and other sugary items pressurize the liver for converting and storing glucose. A rise in blood sugar levels, insulin leads to storage of glycogen in liver. Refined vegetables, processed meats with nitrates, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils are also difficult for liver. The worst food items for liver include excessive alcohol, too much caffeine, refined grains, packages food, sugary snacks and drinks.

The answer is to consume vegetables, healthy fats, whole food, carbohydrates and fruits. Concentrate on intake of quality fat and protein so that toxins and cholesterol can be removed. Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods for good liver functioning include sour food items (chicory, mustard greens, dandelion), leafy green vegetables, cruciferous veggies (kale, broccoli), fresh herbs (parsley, oregano), local raw honey, apple cider vinegar, green tea, coconut oil and high-antioxidant fruits (melons, berries).

2. Proper preparation of food

If the food that we eat is not prepared properly, it might contain carcinogens, toxins, and anti-nutrients (natural toxins in nuts, seeds, refined carbohydrates, unsoaked grains etc.), which can harm the liver. Before eating, it is important to soak nuts, beans, seeds, legumes, and grains so that nutrients are high and toxins are low.

As far as cooking animal products, overcooking is as harmful as undercooking. Storing food in chemically- laden containers must be completely avoided. Cook animal products on low and slow heat

3. Go for organic crops and grass-fed animal foods

The quality of food that we eat plays an important part. There are higher chances that crops that are sprayed with chemicals, factory produced poultry or meat and farm-raised fish carry synthetic hormones, antibiotic residue and toxins, which would be taxing for the liver. In contrast to this, fresh crops and healthy animals carry more nutrients.

4. Importance of Liver-Boosting Supplements

Natural herbs help the liver in absorbing chemicals in nutrients, hormones, and antibiotics. Liver changes most of the ammonia and sends it to the kidney to be removed during urination. When the liver doesn’t works properly, transformation of ammonia slows down, circulating it back in our body. Power herbal supplement that boast the health of liver include milk thistle, holy basil, dandelion root, and bupleurum.

5. Stress yourself less

Not might know but constant stress, clinging to anger or guilt or any kind of relationship problems give rise to emotional troubles, impacting our immunity, digestive and reproductive systems. Alteration in HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis due to stress can lead to liver damage and diseases.

Poor liver functioning can be the result of or can lead to digestive issues, blurry vision, joint problems, brain fog, menstrual issues, headaches, rib pain, cramping, and dizziness. All this leads to a vicious circle of stress, leading to more dysfunction of liver.

Liver is also linked to uterus and is also into regulation of reproductive hormones, a women’s libido as well as menstrual cycle. It is, thus, important to let go off stress, anger and conflict on small things

6. Exercise More

As the liver stores as well as processes the blood, circulation must be proper for proper cleansing. If the blood flow is not proper, the body comes at risk to diseases. The body also becomes still but during any kind of physical activity, more blood is pumped by the heart. During exercising, flow of blood is better to and from organs, muscles, joints, brains, and tendons. Nutrients and blood easily arrive at digestive and reproductive organs, bringing in pain free and healthy periods, as well as consistent bowel movements.

Reasons of Liver Damage

Liver has a number of roles to play and any kind of digestive, metabolic, hormonal and immunity disorder can have an effect on its health. Out lifestyle can also make or break our liver health. Following things can be harmful:

  • Packaged food with high sugar levels and refined oils
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Unprotected sex and use of drugs
  • Hormonal imbalance and constant stress
  • Some beauty products
  • Use of chemical household
  • Chemically sprayed crops
  • Excess of alcohol and caffeine
  • Low-quality animal products
  • Air pollution
  • Exposure to and environmental toxins

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