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How to Control Anger: 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

by Rishabh
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Anger is like all the emotions that we feel in our life. It is a normal state which can lead to great realizations and changes in life or can do the exact opposite. This emotion helps you make a positive move in life is dealt with positivity.

25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

On the other hand, if your anger takes the wrong road of an outburst, aggression, or physical harm it can cause a number of health problems too. Which is why anger control is important to keep people sane and avoid them from doing something regretful.

This blog here helps you with understanding how bad anger is for your health. Besides, we have jotted down 25 ways to control your anger.

Why is anger bad for your health?

A bad temperament not only ruins your mood, relations with friends and family, work life but also harm your health. Losing your cool time and again, opens doors to a number of mental health issues as well. If you are one of those people, know these reasons why you should avoid getting angry.

  • It weakens your immune system.
  • It increases your chance of strokes.
  • It puts your heart on a risk.
  • It triggers your anxiety.
  • It leads to depression.
  • It can reduce your life expectancy.
  • It can harm your lungs.

How to control it?

Relax yourself

The moment you start feeling angry, your breathing gets affected and starts to pace up. In such a case, you should take a short break and relax. Try to slow down, aim at taking longer breathes from the nose and exhale them from the mouth. Repeat this till you feel better.

Take a walk around

One of the best things to stop your anger from aggravating is to take a walk. Leaving the situation and moving into a new space helps your nerves to calm down. Which all in all reduces the anger. From taking a walk, riding your vehicle or exercising your limbs, lets your brain relax.

Count and repeat

You must have heard this remedy n number of times, but never tried it. Counting down is a great way of forgetting what made you angry and lets your body feel better. You can count from 1 to 10 or from 100 to 1, with every dialogue your stress goes down.

Flex your muscles

Just like taking a walk helps in controlling anger, the same way flexing your muscles is helpful. When you try to roll your neck and shoulders.

Repeat a word or phrase

Whenever you are feeling uneasy one of the best things to do is to repeat a word or a phrase. It can be anything from a simple ‘OK’ to ‘Everything is going to be fine’. By doing this you tend to forget what was bothering you which all in all reduces your stress level.

Try to leave the situation

Another great way to control your anger is to leave this situation and enter into a different environment. Along with that, you should also try to visualize a scenario which makes you happy.

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Switch to smiling

While it’s not easy to suppress anger that easily but a change of mood can actually do wonders. When you try to laugh, meet someone or do something that makes you happy, it helps in diffusing your anger.

Practice your speech

We often tend to say out bad things or words to people just out of anger. In order to prevent this, try to rehearse what you are about to say just to avoid the same reaction the next time.

Try a new routine

If your daily routine is something that makes you angry, try something new. It can be changing your route to the office, your daily chores, a little variation here and there can make a big difference. But don’t go too fast, take things slow in order to prevent anxiety.

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Take a break

There is no better way to control your anger than taking a timeout. This break helps you process your actions in life, which way is your life leading and more. Taking a vacation can also be a good healing time.

Scribble down your thoughts in a dairy

As a matter of fact, what you can’t say, you can write. Pen down what you are feeling. Then shut the dairy and put it aside leaving your anger behind. It will surely make you feel better and also enhance your writing skills. Writing is one of the best tools to express your emotions.

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Don’t talk for a while

Having no control over your words when you are angry is quite obvious. Thus, in case you are annoyed over something, it’s better that you should stop talking. Most of the time staying mum works wonders. Preferring talking over staying quiet will do a lot of harm to you.

Express your feelings in a letter

Jot down a letter or an email to the person who made you feel irritated. Clearly describe what made you feel like that. If your anger is not because of a person, then also, compose the letter to anyone mentioning the situation. But, make sure you don’t send it in either case.

Imagine forgiving them

It is not necessary to react to every situation. Sometimes forgiving also works fine! In general, it takes a lot of courage to forgive anybody who has done wrong to you. But, if you can try and actually forgive them will help you soothe your nerves. If not, you can at least pretend to do so.

Do something else

One of the best ways to combat your anger is by taking an action that does something good to you. But, don’t make a move furiously. Use your energy to help others. Inform anybody, probably an official, and let him do the deed.      

Envision a stop sign

Knowing when to stop can you help you subside your anger! When the situation is about to go beyond your control, think about a stop sign. This will aid you to halt quickly. Trying to win an argument will add to your anger. Thus, stop all your activities and walk out as soon as possible.  

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Take it easy and de-stress your muscles

Practice deep breathing and relax your muscles. Indeed muscle relaxation is a wonderful therapy that makes you forget about your anxiety. The magic sets your spirits high in a positive way. Both the exercises can be performed quickly and let go of your anger easily.

Show your anger

Suppressing anger can really harm you from within. It’s absolutely OK to express your frustration. But, make sure you handle it properly. Talk to your loved ones. Tell them everything but don’t shout on them. Besides, helping you prevent future problems, the idea may also aid in getting a solution.  

Seek the most immediate solution

If looking at something is leading to aggression, keep it out of sight. If you don’t like listening to something, ignore it. Try to work on immediate solutions like these. Although temporary, but these remedies can prevent you from accelerating your rage further.  

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Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed

Seek help from a friend. Open your heart to your friend or to the one you trust the most. Don’t suffer because of that annoying event. Talk to your pal and try to learn about a new perspective. Remember you have someone to offer you that shoulder to cry on.

Listen to soothing music

“One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”. Keeping this in mind, you know what to do next. Turn on your music system and play some soulful tunes. Listen to your favorite songs that make you happy. Doing so will help you forget about your anger in no time.  

Channel your rage into an activity

Release your outburst by partaking into something productive. Dance or run, practice kickboxing or jumping rope. Gardening, writing poetry, playing with kids can inspire you a lot. Just engage in anything that grabs your interest. Don’t let your anger burn you up, instead, you can burn it off.  

Focus on what’s right

Even everything around you seems going wrong, do take a break and practice gratitude. Envisage the right things in your life. Change the way you think. Deviate your mind from wrong to right and from negative to positive. Be thankful for all the good things you have in your life.    

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Think before you respond

Don’t abruptly show your wrath or say something that can make you regret afterward. Take some time before responding or opening your mouth. The first thought that comes to the mind when a person is very angry is not something that has to be conveyed really. So set a timer and talk subsequently.   

Choose empathy

Understand the situations from other person’s perspective. When you will come to know about the incidence along with their point of view, you may help yourself to keep anger at bay. Stand in their shoes and recollect the incidence from a new viewpoint.   

What does it lead to? No matter what is happening in your life, it is always advised to take things slow and be positive. A good thought process and mindset helps in avoiding circumstances where you get angry at people or situations. You should consider your health as the top priority. If you still somehow think you are not able to control your anger, try some healthy ways or see a doctor. That way it will be easy for you to fight against this emotion that bothers you.

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