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10 Signs & Symptoms of Liver Damage

by Rishabh

Although no organ of the body can be of any lesser importance, liver has its special significance and importance. The liver is one of the largest organs of the body, roughly the size of a football. It is perched right in the upper-right portion of abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm, on the top of the right kidney, intestines and stomach.

10 Signs & Symptoms of Liver Damage

The liver performs some of the most vital functions in the body. Almost everything you eat, drink, breathe and rub to your skin is processed by liver and this is just only a part of what all it does.

Due to it being a working like a factory, 24 hours a day, it is always prone to many different kinds of diseases which can range from being dangerous to even fatal.

In this blog we share 10 signs and symptoms of liver damage that you can look out for in your body to identify this serious problem. No matter to what degree you find these symptoms, it is important for you to take note of them and consult a physician. Read on.


Being fatigue is one of the most frequent and quickly recognizable symptom of liver damage. This feeling of fatigue can manifest itself, not only physically but mentally too. Although fatigue can be associated with many afflictions like heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, if you frequently experience it, you must speak to your health care professional urgently.

Low Platelets

These disk shaped, colorless and minute cell fragments are found in great abundance in the blood stream and is one of the most important components required for clotting. However, low platelet count can be associated with liver damage too since many sufferers of liver damage are affected by the condition. Even though Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) is a serious affliction, it is also one of the key indicators in diagnosing liver damage.


Nausea involves a feeling or an urge to vomit and a feeling of unpleasantness. The condition may be short-lived or prolonged and in the latter case, might be very crippling. Nausea can be physical and mental and it can happen due to the lack of proper functioning of the liver. Together with lethargy and fatigue, nausea is one of the first signs of liver damage.


Edema in medical terms means collection of excessive liquids in the various tissues and cavities of the body. As has been stated by the physicians, this swelling can be caused by liver damage, when this liquid gets accumulated in the abdominal cavity. This is also known as cirrhosis.


This condition is correlated with new born babies and normally manifests as the yellowing of the skin and whiteness of the eyes which is due to the excess of yellowish pigment bilirubin. This condition is treated in newborns by putting the babies under a special kind of lamp. However, in adults, this a more serious condition and point to liver damage. The function of the liver is to break down bilirubin, but when it is not functioning properly, it is not able to process it.

Bruising Easily

Bruising easily is connected to a blood disorder and the disorder can be associated with the liver disease. Easy bruising happens when your blood does not clot easily which is due to a low platelet count or Thrombocytopenia. If you often see cuts and bruises on your body without any rational explanation, then it is time reach to your physician as early as you can.

Swollen Spleen

The spleen is situated in the upper left corner of the abdomen, behind the rib cage and is associated with the drainage network for fighting the infection. If something’s not right with your body then probably it’s time to take the health of your spleen into account. Symptoms of swollen or enlarged spleen include indigestion, pain, tenderness, weightlessness as well as irritation that affects the left shoulder.

Stomach Pains

Stomach pains are associated with many causes. Often when any one of the organs of the stomach is damaged it can affect the functioning of other organs with which it is associated. Pain may also be caused due to swelling of the liver. Thus, if you consistently experience pain in the abdomen area, then it is time to get it checked with a doctor or a physician immediately.


Diarrhea can too signify liver damage, although, it can be a symptom of many other digestive disorders too. The liver is responsible for breaking down and processing the food we eat. So a constant diarrhea may indicate that liver is not functioning properly or there is something wrong with the system.

Loss of Appetite

Loss of Appetite is another symptom that can signal problem with the liver. However some doctors attribute it as much a psychological symptom as against a physical one. When the liver is not functioning properly, it disturbs the entire process of digestion which becomes strained and unpleasant. This automatically makes the brain to send the signals indicating that the body is not hungry in order to protect itself from the pain and trouble eating has caused to it.

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