Natural Remedies to treat Cold and Flu

There is no sure shot cure for cold or flu. Though there are medicines to prevent or shorten the duration but cold and flu take a while to go. If you are one of those who do not like to consume medicines for the same, there are a number of natural remedies too using which you can feel better. Here are some natural remedies to treat cold and flu:

Remedies for Cold and Flu


According to studies, Zinc helps in fighting viruses such as cold. It is believed that this mineral stops a particular protein from being created before the viruses of cold can make use of it to get multiplied. Though zinc does not really prevent cold but it shortens the length and lessens its effect, if consumed within a day’s time as the first symptom appears. Well, the experts have a word of caution that zinc nasal products must not be used as they might lead to a permanent loss of smell.


Echinacea is a type of herbal supplement that boosts a person’s immune system and also helps in fighting infections but whether it fights away cold or not, it is not clear. Although a number of studies show that Echinacea does not helps in preventing cold but as per some researches it shortens the duration by a day or two. There are other studies too that say it does not has any effect. You can start using it when the symptoms of cold arrive and keep taking it for about 7 to 10 days.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is quite beneficial and healthy as it can help in more than one ways. When you inhale the steam of the soup, it can help your stuffy nose. When you consume the soup, it replaces the fluids that you are losing during cold.

Vitamin C

The surety about Vitamin C fighting off cold symptoms is not there. As per some researches it can curtail the symptoms of the cold by around a day. A study proved that those people who were taking Vitamin C were able to fight cold 50 percent more if they were in cold weather or if they were under extreme physical pressure.

Hot Toddy

It might be a nightmare adult drink for many but as black tea and caffeine before bed would be bad, having a cup of hot herbal tea is going to be helpful. Take a pan and add a small shot of bourbon or whiskey with a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon in it. Consume this mix to soothe out your throat, to ease out the congestion and having a good nights’ sleep. Put a full stop after having one cup or too much of alcohol is not going to let you sleep.

Hot Tea

A cup of hot tea is going to help you in the same way as the chicken soup. The steam offers relief from congestion and when you swallow the tea it brings relief for your throat along with keeping you hydrated. As green and black teas have abundance of disease-fighting antioxidants that will help you in planking off cold.

Humidifier or Steam

If you wish to stop the congestion in your nose, breathe in steam which is going to be soothing for your runny or stuffy nose. A room humidifier is also going to prove extremely helpful. The other options that you can try out is going into the bathrooms, shutting the door, running the hot shower and breathe-in the steam.


Garlic has always been known to be the one that fights germs, and as per study garlic supplement might also help you out in preventing cold if you consume it on a daily basis. However, further research is going to look out for its real effects as it has good amount of nutrients. If you are having cold, add garlic in your food helping spicing it up.

Salty Drops

If you spray or drip saltwater in your nose, it can lead to thinning out the gunk in your nose, and help you getting good riddance from it. You also feel less stuffed up. For this, you can make your own saline solution or such solutions are also available at the chemist. Add ¼ teaspoon baking soda and ¼ teaspoon of salt in about 8 ounce of warm water. You can put the mixture in a bulb syringe, streaming the liquid in one nostril and closing the other. Repeat this 2 to 3 times on one side and then on the other side.

Neti Pot

Same saline solution can be used in neti pot too. This is going to help you in clearing your nasal passage with a saltwater mixture. This helps in thinning the mucus that gets drained easily. Researches also show that by using neti pots, symptoms like facial pain, chronic sinus problems, pressure and congestion can be eased out.

Menthol Ointment

When one is suffering from cold, there is a lot of nose blowing and wiping it. Excess of this can leave the skin around red and sore. For this, you just need to apply a menthol-infused ointment on the affected area and throat and chest. You will get relief from the pain in the raw skin. The vapors’ of Menthol soothe the cough, opens the clogged passages and eases out the congestion. But, this cannot be used in the case of children under 2 years.

Bed Rest

The day is going to be extremely busy as you have a lot of work to do? Do not have time to spend a day under the covers? Remember, some good rest is going to be a blessing for you. If you take some rest, your body’s energy fights out the germs. By staying warm, you are really going to help yourself.

Gargling with Saltwater

If you gargle with hot water, it helps the sore throat. In warm water, add half a teaspoon of salt. Gargle around 4 times a day to keep your throat moist.

Fever is going to Work for you

Not many known of this natural remedy. When your body temperature rises, it creates a difficult situation for the germs to survive and hence fighting flu and cold. Fever is uncomfortable, and you must drink plenty of liquids. If your temperature remains high and goes up to 104 F, visit your doctor. In case of children of and below 3 years, you must visit the doctor if the temperature gets above 100.4 F.

Nasal Strips

Wearing nasal strip tapes on your nose’s bridge open your nasal passages. Although they do not take away stuffiness but they create space for the flow of the air. It also helps in relieving congestion that happens at night.

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