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Knee Replacement Last Option to Get rid of Knee Arthritis

by Rishabh
Knee Replacement Last Option to Get rid of Knee Arthritis

People who have arthritis and generative joint pain in their knees suffer from severe pain, stiffness and become motionless for a long time. Knee Replacement is the last option available for getting rid from the joint pain forever. It is a surgical procedure wherein the weight bearing surface of the knee joint is removed to eliminate pain and immobility.

During the surgery, the surgeon replaces the damaged part of the arthritis knee with the artificial metal aka  prosthesis. The artificial prosthetic devices are shaped to allow the perpetual motion of the knee.

Knee Joint

Knee Joint Comparison

Depending upon the severity of the diseases or damaged part,  either partial or total replacement is suggested for the treatment of the  patient. There is another surgical procedure for arthritis called Gender specific knee replacement which is meant to improve overall function of the knee in the women.

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement is the procedure where all three compartments of the knee- medial (inside), lateral (outside), and patellofemoral (the joint between the kneecap and the thigh bone)- are surgically removed.

It is the ultimate and most successful surgical procedure for arthritis wherein the surgeon removes the damaged bone & cartilage from the surface of your knee joint with prosthetic material made of metal. It is also used to treat mild valgus and varus deformity.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial Knee  Replacment

It is a minimally invasive surgery wherein the surgeon replaces the single affected knee compartment to relieve the arthritis pain. Partial Knee Replacement requires shorter recovery period as compared to Total Knee Replacement.

Pros & Cons of the Total Knee Replacement


  • First of all, a successful Total Knee Replacement surgery reduces knee pain, enhance muscle strength and correct defects.
  • Post operative treatment, one can resume his normal routine activities  with a new knee. One can walk without stick , ride cycle and even swim.
  • One gets rid of disability and limited mobility of the knee.
  • Problems like chronic pain, knee stiffness & swelling that prevents you from bending & unbending your knee are completely alleviated.
  • 95 % of knee replacement last for over 15 years, all thanks to good quality prosthesis.
Knee Replacement Feature

Knee Replacement Feature


  • There are some potential risks associated with the Total Knee Replacement surgery such as
  • Blood clot and deep vein thrombosis in the lower leg
  • Pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) is a great possibility
  • Problems such as urinary tract infection, nerve damage, and blood vessel injury  is quite possible.
  • The bone around the replaced joint can suffer from a fracture, either during or after the surgery.

My knee feels good right now. I am definitely able to move about whichever way.

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