What’s Causing Your Itch?

Why it feels that scratching gives you a temporary relief from an itch?

Why it feels that scratching gives you a temporary relief from an itch

Researchers have revealed that when the body comes in contact with something that causes an itch, then the spinal cord alerts the brain by sending immediate signals. The corresponding response from the brain, then, causes an itch. Now on the question of what does the scratching do, the answer is that scratching prevents the nerve cells from sending their message to the brain which then stops the itching, at least till that time.

A poison ivy rash will spread if scratched.

A poison ivy rash will spread if scratched

Contrary to what you have believed till now, a rash caused by poison ivy won’t spread upon scratching. The liquid that come out from the wound is not a toxin. Although it does appear that the rash spreads, because it spreads more slowly than the other areas but nevertheless the act of scratching will not make the rash spread. But it is in any case a bad idea because scratching can lead to infection.

Why does a mosquito bite causes an itch?

Why does a mosquito bite causes an itch

When a mosquito bites, which only the female species does, it pokes into the skin to draw blood and in return, it squirts in, its saliva which prevents the blood from clotting. The proteins that are present in the saliva prompts a response from the immune system which causes swelling and itching. Such a reaction will stay on long after the mosquito has laid its eggs or has been squashed into dust.

Guess the name of this plant that causes itching?

Guess the name of this plant that causes itching

All the four “poison” plants which are feared by kids, campers and gardeners: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac and Poison Birch- contain the same chemical urushiol in their sap which causes itch. Nearly 85% of those exposed to urushiol develop an allergy after being exposed only a few times. If you happen to touch one of these plants then wash the area with hot, soapy water. Wash your clothes and shoes as well. Moreover, if you want to control the itch, you can try applying calamine lotion or purchase over the counter hydro cortisone or diphenhydramine for a medical course.

Applying butter on an itchy sunburn will help healing it.

Applying butter on an itchy sunburn will help healing it

This is one of the famous traditions that has come down from generations, but it is certainly flawed. Coating a sunburn with butter in fact worsens the case by trapping the heat in the skin. The same logic goes for the petroleum jelly. However to treat a Sunburn, one must cover the entire area with cold compressors or soak the same in a cool bath. For this over the counter hydrocortisone or diphenhydramine creams might also be of great help too.

What is the medical name for an itch?

What is the medical name for an itch

Whether an itch is caused by a sunburn or a bug bite, it is called pruritus. Human’s habit of scratching has an evolutionary purpose. All animals scratch in order to remove parasites or other skin irritants. But scratching causes your skin to inflame which causes a reciprocal reaction to cause even more itching and in the process triggers an itch-scratch cycle that worsens even more.

Which is this itch-triggering bug?

Which is this itch-triggering bug

This is an image of the Bed Bug. They are not infectious or disease causing but unfortunately if they appear, it is not easy to get rid of them. Bed bugs actually feed on your blood and leave behind small, red and itchy spot on your skin. Bed bugs were quite a menace in the United States for long. Although their numbers were dropped in the mid-20th century, they are reportedly making a comeback again in the country. The problem is that they can appear anywhere and anytime. They can be controlled only with the help of a strong and professional pest control services.

Taking bath with oatmeal can actually help with itchy skin.

Taking bath with oatmeal can actually help with itchy skin

This is a well-known and traditional treatment for relieving the itchy skin and its efficacy has a good evidence behind it. It has been researched that oatmeal contain natural chemicals that helps ease inflammation. A useful way of bringing this into use is to purchase colloidal oatmeal which has been extracted from regular oatmeal, after it has been grinded and boiled. You can also help itching by sprinkling some regular oatmeal in your bath as well.

By keeping cool you can reduce itchiness.

By keeping cool you can reduce itchiness

Body heat and perspiration can make the itch even worse. Thus, if you have an itching sunburn or a poison ivy, keeping cool by turning on the fan or an air conditioner will help. Moreover, by using cold compresses or by taking bath will certainly assist in reducing itch, provided the water is cool.

Cuts and burns itch as they are healing because of

Cuts and burns itch as they are healing because of

This is due to Histamine, the chemical in your body that triggers the allergic reaction, can also make your cut or burn itch when it starts to heal. When your skin has been damaged due to a cut, burn or wound, the cells that release histamines reach the site and assist in healing it. Although doing the mending process, it nevertheless causes swelling and itching. However, with mild burns, little scrapes and scratches, over the counter gels and creams containing antihistamine diphenhydramine can help calming the irritation.

“Contagious Itch” actually is?

“Contagious Itch” actually is?

Researches done on the subject has a stated a surprising fact that those cells that are active when we scratch are also active when we see other people scratch. This is similar to what happens when we yawn. Remarkable enough even when reading a sentence like “Your Back is covered with mosquitos” can also trigger an urge to itch. These reactions are categorized under the term “contagious itch”. So what can relieve a contagious itch? Just concentrate on something else.

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