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Breast Reduction Surgery in India

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Breast reduction surgery is done to decrease the size of the breast in order to have a smaller size of the breast. There a lot psychological problems and issues and many personal embarrassments linked with the condition of oversized breast. The problem of oversized breast is common in both men and women who face numerous problems and are concerned with their looks or appearance.

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Female Breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty) is done to take out the extra fat, skin and glandular tissue in order to have a proper breast size according to the body. Gynecomastia or ‘male breast’ is the presence of glands in the male chest area. Male breast reduction cannot be done with the help of exercises or diets, surgery is the only treatment available.

Female Breast Reduction

The problem of oversize breast in females can be treated with the help of mammoplasty( breast reduction) surgery. Females with oversized breast are not happy with their overall appearance and look. Females also face a number of problems associated with oversized breast like skin irritation, postures concerns, physical pain and bra strap marks.

Male Breast Reduction

The condition of male breast (gynecomastia) is generally results from the disproportion between androgen (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone). This disproportion leads to deposition of glands in the chest areas. This problem is generally seen in the young boys. The development of male breast is not due to any diseases or obesity, and this is the reason why it cannot be treated with the help of medicines. Surgery is the only treatment left.

Who should consider Breast Reduction?


  • Candidates who do not have any serious diseases
  • Nonsmokers as smoking can delay the healing process
  • Women whose breasts are fully developed or enlarged ( a size D or larger)


  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breast are too large
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are physically healthy and of normal weight
  • Your breast development has stabilized.

Types of Breast Reduction

  • Free Nipple Grafts
  • Vertical incision breast reduction
  • Pedicle method
  • Scar less breast reduction/ breast liposuction
  • Another incision or traditional breast reduction
  • Gynecomastia (male breast reduction surgery)

Procedure for Female Breast Reduction Surgery

The procedure used for the reduction of the breast depends on the volume of breast to be and also the amount of skin sagging to be corrected. The procedure starts first with the marking the area of the breast with the patient in a standing position. All the required parts are  first marked like the breast tissue, or the area where the nipple is placed and the amount of the skin. The whole surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes four hours to finish. The time required to perform the surgery is on the quantity of breast which needs to be reduced or on the technique used.. Different techniques like liposuction and short scar technique are the most preferred options.

Procedure for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The term ‘reduction mammoplasty’ is used to correct gynecomastia. The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours to complete. It is essential to know the breast tissues before carrying out the surgery. The two kinds of tissues are Glandular tissue (dense and firm), the second one is Fatty tissue (soft tissue). The proportion of both these tissues differs from person to person. A lot many times liposuction technique is used to remove the excessive fatty tissue where the glandular tissue is overboard. The excessive fatty tissue can also be removed with the help of a scalpel.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

The dressing is removed after 2-4 days and stitches after a week. The patient can resume light activities after a few days of the surgery. The patient should not do strenuous exercises for three to four weeks. Physical activity should also be avoided for at least six weeks.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India

The Breast Reduction Surgery cost in India is approximately $4200. It is extremely affordable and the patients can avail high class medical services in all the plastic surgery breast reduction and cosmetic procedures. In most of the developed countries, the liposuction technique can be extremely expensive as compared to treatment available in India.


Faqs for Breast Reduction Surgery

Ques: What is breast reduction surgery?

Ans: It is a surgical procedure to reduce some fat, glandular tissue and skin from breasts to make them firm, small and lighter. Females who feel uncomfortable because their large breasts, skin irritations and bra straps marks which is actually making their daily life difficult, this surgery is a life changing experience for them which change their overall appearance and look.

Ques: Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Ans: The good candidates for this procedure are people whose breasts are heavy as comparison to other females, if they feel canals in shoulders because of tight bra straps, poor postures, back, neck and shoulder pain etc. If you feel you are facing these problems you can consult with doctor.

Ques: Will the results permanent after breast reduction surgery?

Ans:Yes, results will be permanent except you gain major weight and get pregnant.

Ques: Where exactly incisions are made for this procedure?

Ans:Incisions are exactly made lower part of the breast or around the nipple.

Ques: Will I experience pain after breast reduction surgery?

Ans: Pain is different for each patient. Some patients experience slight pain after operation.  Your doctor will recommend to take pain medications to reduce the pain after this procedure.  

Ques: Will there be any scar after breast reduction surgery?

Ans: Yes, there are visible scars after breast reduction procedure. While doing procedure incisions are used. There are different methods available to do this procedure which leave small visible scars.

Ques: Will you use anesthesia during procedure, If yes which one?

Ans:Yes, mostly doctor gives general anesthesia during Breast reduction. Sometimes, local anesthesia is used, it depends on patient to patient, which will be decided before the procedure.

Ques: For how many days I need to stay in hospital - pre and post operation?

Ans: Before operation doctor will ask you come at least 5 hours prior. After operation you will stay in hospital for one night. After review on next day you can be discharged from hospital.

Ques: How long I need to take off from my work?

Ans: At least 2 weeks off would be enough after procedure, but still please discuss this with your doctors as it is different for each patient.

Ques: When I can start my normal activities and physical activities?

Ans: In your recovery period, you should stop your physical activity and avoid exercises for 4 to 6 weeks, you can just do simple walk.

For normal activities, take someone’s help in your daily tasks as this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which shows different effects on every person. Sometimes you will get tired so you should take rest for first two weeks.

Ques: When can I take shower after surgery?

Ans: You cannot take shower for first few days or weeks, as your dressing should be clean and dry for at least 2 weeks. In this case you can have sponge bath in starting days of your procedure.

Ques: When can I start wearing bra?

Ans: Generally after 2 weeks you can start wearing bra, but this should be discussed with doctor at the time of your consultation.

Ques: Will breast reduction allow me to breast feed?

Ans: According to new techniques for breast reduction, you will be able to breast feed but still we cannot give you any guarantee. If you have this concern, we would strongly recommend you to kindly discuss the same with you doctor in your first consultation.

Ques: Will I feel nipple sensation after this procedure?

Ans: Yes you will feel slight nipple sensation, which will be reduce slowly in two to 3 weeks after procedure.

Ques: Will smoking cause any problems?

Ans: As per health reasons – smoking should be stopped. Smoking can easily increase the risk for cancer as well as it creates breathing problems. You can also have cough, which can also increase unwanted bleeding.

Ques: Is there any risk or complications after breast reduction?

Ans: Any surgical procedure always have some risk. In breast surgery, few cases have been identified where patients feel loss of sensation in breasts, nipples and maybe lose the capability of breastfeed. Bleeding, infection are few risks after this procedure. You should discuss the same with concerned doctor.

Ques: How long will it take to see my results after the procedure?

Ans: In the starting, you will not be able to see the results as there will be a little swelling. Within one month approximately the swelling will reduce and after that, you will get an idea on final results.

Ques: Can I choose cup size which I want to have after my procedure?

Ans: No, it is not possible to choose a cup size, but you can discuss the same with your concerned doctor.

Ques: Is this procedure covered in health insurance?

Ans: You need to check with your insurance company whether they agreed to pay or not for breast reduction.

Ques: What the approximate cost for treatment and how I can get an appointment?

Ans: To know about this treatment cost and appointment, kindly contact on below details:
E mail: info@mediconnectindia.com
Mobile/Whatsapp: +91 9717766080

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