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Frequently Asked Questions about Assisted Hatching

Ques: What is Assisted Hatching ?

A) Assisted Hatching refers to the process of assisted reproductive technology wherein a small hole is made in the zona pellucid of an embryo, using a micromanipulation, to facilitate embryo hatching.

Ques: How assisted hatching is performed ?

A) Assisted Hatching is an IVF technique wherein the covering around a fertilized egg is weakened by making a hole in it. It is done to improve the chances of the embryo getting embedded in the uterus.

Ques: What are the advantages of assisted hatching ?

A) Many couples choose to go for the assisted hatching procedure during their IVF treatments due to the benefits associated with the technique:

  • It requires less embryo transfer than other techniques
  • It is quite faster than other methods
  • It allows blastocyst culture

Ques: What are the disadvantages of assisted hatching ?

A) The disadvantages associated with the laser assisted hatching are same as with other IVF methods. They are as follows:

  • Damage to the embryo
  • High possibility rate of monozygotic twinning

Ques: What is the need for assisted hatching and what are the prerequisites for its usage ?

A) The most common indications for the use of assisted hatching technique are as follows:

  • Women over 37 years of age
  • Women who's follicle stimulating hormone baseline level is elevated
  • Women having poor quality embryos with conditions such as slow cell division rate and excessive fragmentation.
  • Women with repeated IVF failure
  • Women having IVF with embryos having a thicker outer shell

Ques: What are the different methods of performing assisted hatching ?

A) Mechanical, chemical and laser-assisted are the three methods of performing assisted hatching. The mechanical method involves an incision to be made in the zona pellucida with the help of a special glass needle. During chemical treatment, the acidic hatching solution is poured around the outer shell to absorb a part of the zona pellucida. In the laser assisted hatching, a high beam is focused on the zona pellucida to eliminate it in a very precise ratio.

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