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Radical Prostatectomy in India

by Rishabh

Prostatectomy is the surgical process of removing the entire or part of the prostrate gland due to abnormalities such as formation of tumor and enlargement mainly in the urethra.

In radical Prostatectomy, along with the prostrate gland several other tissues around it is removed. It is one of the invasive ways of treating prostrate cancer. There are two ways of doing it, open surgery and Laparoscopic incisions. Laparoscopic radical Prostatectomy is also popular as robot-assisted Prostatectomy.

Procedure for Radical Prostatectomy

Radical Prostatectomy is more often done for patients in the stage I and II of prostrate cancer. In state III, this surgery relieves the patient of urinary obstructions.

In the main course open surgery, there is an incision made in either the lower belly or the perineum to reach the affected prostrate gland. In many cases, the surgeon also removes the affected lymph nodes. In the Laparoscopic form of radical Prostatectomy, incisions are made in the belly and the laparoscope is inserted through one of the incisions and medical instruments through the other.

After the operation, the surgeons leave a tube within the bladder to drain urine for at least a week.

Benefits of Radical Prostatectomy

In the early stages of cancer, this surgery is effective. This is more because the cancerous tissues have not spread. The survival rate in men below 65 years of age is more especially if they remain under surveillance and have follow-up check ups.


Hospital in India has a specialized unit treating prostrate related disorders and performing surgeries. It deals with treatment of prostrate cancer, enlarged prostrates and Prostatitis.
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