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Partial Penectomy Surgery in India

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Partial Penectomy involves removal of the tip or head of the penis. This surgery saves a major portion of the shaft. The normal life of the patient is retained after the surgery. Urination can be done in the normal way. Sexual intercourse is also possible after partial Penectomy.

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Best Hospitals for Partial Penectomy in India

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There are two types of Penectomy as:

  • Partial Penectomy: In this process only parts of the penis is operated or removed
  • Radical Penectomy: In this process the entire penis is removed or operated

The penis is at times removed for medical purpose. This is called Penectomy. There are two types of Penectomy, like Partial Penectomy and Total Penectomy. The major reason for partial or total removal of the penis is penile cancer. This surgery is done in various hospitals in India. Depending on the seriousness of the diseases a partial Penectomy is done.

Why Partial Penectomy?

Penile cancer is rare but partial Penectomy is the treatment of this disease. The penis comprises of various tissues. The cancer grows on these tissues. The different types of penile cancer are:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Melanomas
  • Basal cell penile cancer
  • Sarcomas

Symptoms for Partial Penectomy

Once the partial penis is removed, it might solve the problem. Always consult a doctor when you get the following symptoms:

  • Any kind of growth in the area of penis
  • Any sore or wound that takes long to heal
  • Any kind of reddish rash
  • Smelly discharge

Partial Penectomy

The process of operation requires 2-3 days. The best doctors and non medical staffs are highly qualified. They make the best possibilities you make you comfortable.

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