Cardiac Diagnostic Services in India

With high stress and pressure being a part of modern man’s life, coronary ailments are on the rise today. Modern and sedentary lifestyle have made man prone to various heart and other lifestyle ailments. It has therefore become necessary that one undergo regular preventive health checkups as a precautionary measure.

Today there are a number of Cardiac Diagnostic Services available

64 Slice Heart Scan

64 Slice Heart Scan, is a 10 second non-surgical procedure that reveals the blocks and deposits in the arteries of the heart. It is a preventive treatment that helps in the detection of cardiac disorder and can help prevent a heart attack. It helps in detecting the presence of calcium build up, non-calcified plaque deposits, which may cause a heart attack. The procedure is also patient friendly as shorter breath holding in the procedure reduces patient discomfort while scanning.

Holter Monitor Studies and Event Monitors

A Holter heart monitor test

A Holter heart monitor is a small EKG machine (about the size of a cassette tape player). At the time of the test 5 EKG patches and wires are attached to your chest. Your heart beat is monitored (while you are doing daily activities) for a day or two while you will be wearing a monitor in a sling across the shoulder under your clothes.

An event heart monitor

It is another type of portable monitor. It continuously records the action of your heart when a button is pushed, it saves or records the readings of the recent three minutes. It is worn for two days or two weeks, depending on when there is an occurrence of a cardiac symptom.These recordings are transmitted to the phone, in Holter heart test that is done for about 20 minutes.

320 slice CT Scanner

320 Slice CT Scanner can take the image of the entire heart in a single –rotation while it provides volumetric temporal resolution thus offering clearer image quality. It shows the whole organ anatomy along with the changes in it over the time resulting in better and quick diagnosis. Moreover, it can perform a detailed neurological examination too of the whole brain perfusion in a single study, helpful in identifying the level of heart disease

Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE)

TEE is used in determining whether a patient who has the problem of an abnormal heart rhythm is at a high risk for a stroke or not. This process also tells that whether there is any blood clots in the heart.

Stress Echocardiography

The procedure of Stress Echocardiography makes use of exercise or medication for making the heart work harder than when it is resting, helping in obtaining detailed pictures of the heart and its functioning. It looks into the overall heart functioning, the presence of heart diseases, and the effectiveness of the treatment being followed.

Electrophysiology (EP) Study

EP Study is a specialized process that is undertaken by a trained cardiac specialist, who is called the Electrophysiologist. During this process, one or more thin, flexible wires, which are known as catheters, are put into a blood vessel, later guiding into the heart. Every catheter has got two or more electrodes for measuring the electrical signals to heart while they are travelling from one chamber to the other.

This study diagnoses cardiac rhythm abnormality, for the determination of the best treatment, and also to determine the place where therapy should be done.

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