Effective Ways of Firming Loose Skin after Pregnancy

Pregnancy is indeed a blissful experience. But along with it, come innumerable changes to your skin and body. Loose skin after pregnancy is quite common and poses a challenge for many new moms. Observing those flabs on your tummy, upper arms and waist is indeed a nightmare.

The changes pregnancy brought to your skin during those last nine months caused it to stretch to an extreme extent. Due to this, the skin appears drooping.

While most women happily accept the changes that motherhood brings but many of them want to get back in shape quickly. To help you with this, here are some tips to get rid of that saggy skin as soon as possible.

Include healthy fats and proteins in your diet

Having a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats is one of the best ways to fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans soon. Doing so, helps you to build muscle and tone your body. Protein contains collagen, an important nutrient which aids in firming your skin.

It is important to realize that your skin gets the nutrients required to maintain its elasticity from the foods you eat. Thus, in order to achieve your goal, you must eat a healthy diet. To start with, savor lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and fats.

Avoid crash dieting

You may get inclined towards strict dieting to get rid of your post-baby pooch. But, this is not at all a good idea. With crash dieting, you may lose weight faster initially. But, you will gain weight even faster once you stop your regime.

Always remember that while it takes nine months to deliver a baby, shifting back to normal can take even longer. Reducing weight gradually is good for the elasticity of your skin. Keeping yourself starved won’t do any good to you.

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Exercise regularly and develop a cardio routine

It becomes easy to tone your muscles and burn extra fat with cardio. Your daily routine must comprise of swimming, brisk walking, riding a bike or jogging. Besides this, regular exercise can also help you prevent or minimize excess belly flabs you received post-partum.

But, before making any move, make sure your doctor allows you to do so. Keep patience, start slowly and make your way towards more intense activities. You can also think of postnatal yoga.

Recover firmness of the skin with a massage

An excellent remedy to firm your loose skin after pregnancy is a relaxing massage. It not only rejuvenates the senses but also improves your blood circulation. This in return, reduces skin sagging and makes it supple. Use safe skin-firming products like lotions and creams of reputable brands so as to regain natural firmness.

Also, the post-natal care products must contain Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant and Cocoa butter and shea butter – natural moisturizers. Elastin, Collagen and Ginseng should also be the essential elements of your products to tighten the skin while keeping it nourished.

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Drink lots of water

If not post-partum products, you can choose water. An elixir for skin-firming post-pregnancy, water helps to hydrate the skin. Not only this, but it also makes the skin healthy and elastic, thereby, making you look young. Drinking at least eight cups of water every day can burn calories and fat more easily.

This, further, reduces water retention in your belly and thus, makes it appear less bulging. Given that fact, you can rest assured to get tremendous results. In addition to all this, there are many other good reasons to drink water after having your baby in your arms.

Go for breastfeeding

Though it is not easy to breastfeed your child whenever he feels hungry, but it is an important part of motherhood. The phenomenon takes care of you along with your baby. Besides being a healthy source of nutrition for the new member, breastfeeding can bring you in the desired shape easily.

During breastfeeding, your calories get transformed into milk. So, you can easily shed that extra fat in your body. Enjoy getting your pre-pregnancy body back while being close to your newborn.

Use essential oils

Skin tends to revitalize with time after pregnancy. But for speedy rejuvenation, new mothers can use essential oils. Today there is hardly anybody, who isn’t aware of these plant-based oils. The reason for this is the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant content that are present in these oils.

Apart from firming the loose skin post-pregnancy, stretch marks is another issue which is a cause of concern for many. But, worry no more! Almond oil will help you with the marks you were blessed with while you carrying your baby in your womb. Rub essential oils, like coconut oil or jojoba oil along the tummy line to firm the skin.

These time-tested remedies definitely the help skin regain the lost suppleness and make you flaunt your figure again.

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