Laser Dental Treatments in India

What is laser Dentistry?

Like in every other field, lasers have brought a revolution in the surgical dentistry also. Now a patient can go through a surgical dental treatment without experiencing the pain of needles or stitches. This diode dental laser helps in the treatment of various soft tissue procedures easily. A laser dental treatment is less- invasive but offers great results. Such a treatment needs less anesthesia  and thus is more comfortable making the recovery and healing also quicker. You can get various kinds of treatments done like gum lift, gum disease, minor surgeries or gum reconstruction easily.

Uses of Lasers in Dentistry

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

This cost-effective, non-invasive procedure offers better results. People who cannot get surgeries done like those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, organ transplant and epileptic, they can go for this.

Laser Teeth Whitening

By using laser in whitening, discoloration and stains better results can be achieved using a laser. This process might take as less as one sitting

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Many times, a root canal becomes unsuccessful because of incomplete removal of tissue from the canals but when the laser tip is inserted within the canals, it burns any tissue that is left and thus, the chances of failure are reduced.

Laser Gingivectomy

Laser can remove the problem of Gingival hyperplasia that is caused by anti hypertensive and anti epileptic drugs.

Laser surgery for tongue tie

Lingual frenectomy through laser can treat speech difficulties in people with tongue tie.

Aesthetic Laser Dentistry

Gummy smile often lowers down one’s confidence. The patient can have aesthetic recontouring of the gums, improving crown length giving back natural smile.

Laser Frenectomy

Space in upper and lower anteriors because of high frenal attachment can be relieved painlessly with laser.

Laser Procedure – Vestibuloplasty

With the use of laser, sulcular deepening and creation of a greater retentive area becomes less and thus, there is a quick healing with less of pain.

Laser Pericoronal Flap Removal

Pericoromal flap removal can be done easily in just a few minutes using lasers with the least amount of pain and no infection.

Laser for treatment of Aphthous Ulcers

With the use of laser ablation, painful oral ulcers can be treated effectively.

Laser-Assisted Oral Surgery

Laser Surgery for Oral Submucous Fibrosis :

It is possible to get effective mouth opening after cutting fibrotic band as using laser with less of bleeding and pain.

Laser Treatment for White spots on Teeth

By use of laser surgical process, Leukoplakia or Lichenplanus can be treated.

Dental Laser Biopsy

Benign tumor removal, Cystic lesion and soft tissue cutting can be done by lasers easily.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser treatment offers various benefits to a patient and also enables the dentist in offering high- quality services.

Low-pain treatment

Operation here is done using short pulses of energy that are quick. All this results in less pain. Many times, even anesthesia is also not used

Sterile procedure

Laser is a sterile process. The bacteria that are generally caused during the process, get heated-up and then evaporate within their cells and then they die after an explosion.

This treatment takes less time and is more efficient causing less suffering.The treatment is accurate and minimally invasive.

What are the advantages of LASER surgery ?

Such treatments are more gentle.The treatment area is sterilized on its own.

Advantages of Lasers over traditional methods:

  • Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal
  • Quick healing
  • No dental drills needed
  • Restricted mouth opening (OSMF) is treated efficiently
  • Pyorrhea (Bleeding Gums) can be treated by laser without surgery
  • Root canal treatment minus any pain
  • Quick relief from  oral ulcers and tooth sensitivity
  • Cosmetic and facial treatment by laser
  • Minimum Anesthesia required
  • Bloodless oral procedure
  • Less or no swelling and pain
  • Single step procedure for teeth whitening

Laser Dentistry Cost in India

Various dental hospitals in India offer highly affordable laser dental treatments and surgeries with excellent track record in all kinds.  Lasers are effective and efficient too in most of the kinds of treatments that cause less or no pain. Laser dentistry cost in India is quite low in comparison to most of the western countries like UK and USA.

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