Pediatric Dentistry in India

Pediatric dentistry refers to the medical specialty which deals with dental health care of infants and children through adolescence including those with special health care needs.

Pediatric  dentists are trained to perform an array of dental treatments in children. They boast of an in-depth knowledge regarding child psychology, which in turn helps them to provide proper dental care to the children’s. They provide children and their parents with sufficient information regarding prevention of dental cavities, oral hygiene and common oral problems.

Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are referred to the first set of teeth that grow into the mouth of a child. They grow with proper spacing and arrangement which provide root for the permanent teeth when they come in. Children having healthy baby teeth will be able to chew their food properly and manage good nutritional health. There are 20 baby teeth which include 8 incisors (front teeth 4 each on upper and lower jaw), four canines (they are located behind the incisors) and 8 molars (large set of teeth in the back of the mouth). The ideal time for baby teeth to appear is around 3 years.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

A slight negligence towards child’s baby teeth  can inflict his primary teeth with baby bottle tooth decay, also known as nursing bottle mouth. Such condition occurs when a baby receives milk, fruit juice and sweetened liquids as a measure of pacifier. Milk feeding through breast can also  cause this condition.

Child’s First Dental Visit

Regular dental check ups of a child are always a great idea. It begins with the very  first birthday of the child. During the first routine visit of the child, the pediatric dentist will examine his/her gums and teeth. Subsequently the X-rays are taken in order to reveal any decay and keep a check on the development of the teeth.

Tooth Injuries and Sports

The baby teeth and primary teeth are not as strong as compared to the permanent teeth. They are quite vulnerable to injuries such as fall and fracture. When a tooth breaks, it is very important to visit a dentist. If a child suffers an injury to the gums or a baby tooth which results in bleeding, it is advised to soak a piece of gauze in water and smoothly apply on the site of injury. Sucking  an ice pop  is also good until you are examined by a dentist.

Treatments offered for Pediatric Dentistry

Fluoride Treatment

In many countries, people drink water that reached their home through public water supply systems. This water has some quality amount of fluoride added to their  water. The fluoride plays an important part in preventing tooth decay in children and adult throughout their lives. Fluoride helps in decrease in the occurrence and the severity of dental decay.

Fissure  Sealants

Sealants are the best and the cheapest protection technique for permanent  molars and premolars in children. They are plastic shell placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth and protect them against cavities. The application of fluoride and sealants offers a combined against the cavities.

Endodontics and Pulp Therapy

If a child  suffers from tooth decay, the nerve of the tooth also gets infected from the cavities. Besides causing too much pain in the tooth root, it can cause permanent damage to the tooth bud lying at the base of the tooth root. Therefore it is important to treat the ailing tooth. Endodontic or pulp therapy is important because it not only helps in chewing and speech but also serves as a guide map for the permanent tooth to come in.

Crowns and Space Maintainers

Crowns or caps are required when a child suffers from the huge amount of tooth loss. It happens due to large cavities or enamel defects. Post a root canal treatment, the teeth needs to be crowned. It is very important to provide enough space for permanent teeth to grow. Space maintainers are required in case you loose teeth much before the growth of the permanent teeth. They act as a guide for the permanent teeth to erupt in exact position.

Benefits & Cost Factor

When it comes to the health of a child, parents always look out for the best. Oral health is indeed important and a regular visit to the dentist has many benefits.

  • One of the major benefits of visiting to an oral doctor is the development of good oral habits.
  • The second benefit  is that it keeps your mouth healthy and brings to notice several oral problems in the initial stage.
  • It helps in teaching children the responsibility of having a clean teeth. If a child is being praised for having clean teeth, he will always like to keep them fit.

When it comes to cost factor, India is a great destination for all kinds of medical treatments at a comparatively low price and pediatric dentistry is no exception.

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