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Bone Cancer in Children’s: Causes and Symptoms

by Rishabh
Bone Cancer in Children

Bone Cancer or Osteosarcoma is one of the rare types of cancers found in children. The symptoms of this disease vary as it often includes several types of diseases. Osteosarcoma generally develops from osteoblasts (cells that lead to the formation of bones) see abnormal growth and occurs in shin, thigh and upper arm of teens especially boys in their 15’s.

Causes of Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma)

Children’s who have inherited some rare cancer disorders are more prone to osteosarcoma. These disorders include erasure of 13q14 chromosome which automatically deactivates retinoblastoma gene (a cancerous tumor that develops in the Retina) and Li- Fraumeni syndrome- a kind of genetic mutation. If some cases, children’s who have previously undergone through radiotherapy for some other cancer treatment are at increased risk for Osteosarcoma because exposure to radiations can cause DNA mutation.

Bone- Cancer

Bone- Cancer

Symptoms of Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma)

Severe Bone Pain

The most common symptom of Osteosarcoma is bone pain. Childhood is such a stage of human life cycle where energy, enthusiasm and naughtiness are quite common. The mischievous activities of kids made them more prone to bruises and bumps. Such cases cause normal bone pain which can be easily distinguished from the pain caused by a tumor by making note of some common differences.

  • Unlike normal pains, a tumor bone pain won’t fade away as time passes by.  It tends to get worse over time.
  • It occurs in the same location where tumor has obtained.


The body part where cancerous bone tumor forms often swells and the swollen area over the tumor is quite delicate.

Muscular Imbalance

Another important symptom of bone cancer is the unequal size of muscles in arms and legs. For example, if your child has a tumor in his right leg, he might find it difficult to walk properly as his left leg is quite larger than the right one. Similar situation could occur with arms also.

Children Cancer

Early Detection Equals Survival


The most common location in the body where Osteosarcoma tumor occurs in the body is either below or above the knee. Limping is the sign of bone cancer occurred in the leg. Kids who have just learned how to walk might lose confidence and enthusiasm under severe pain.

Reluctance for Lifting Objects

If there is a cancerous tumor in the arm, you might face problem while lifting heavy objects as they exert pressure on muscles. Hence, it could happen that your child shows reluctance for lifting heavy objects due to severe pain.

Fracture and Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss is not directly related to bone cancer but unexplained weight loss is a common symptom of cancer. Also if your child has bone cancer tumor, his/her bones will become delicate and prone to fracture.

Childhood Cancer Awarness

Other symptoms such as anemia, increased fatigue, nausea and fever can be indicative symptoms of bone cancer.

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