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15 Cancer Symptoms to Know

by Rishabh

Cancer is basically a group of ailments, which can show any kind of sign or symptom. The signs and symptoms largely depend on a number of factors such as where the cancer is, what is the size of cancer, and to what extent has it affected the tissues or the organs. If cancer spreads in the body, the signs and symptoms can also change. Here are 15 cancer symptoms to know.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

  • Changes in skin

One of the signs of skin cancer can be a new spot appearing on your skin or one that is already there, might change the shape, size or color. There can also another kind of spot, which doesn’t looks like the other spots on your body. Get your skin checked by the doctor, if you notice any unusual spots or marks. After examination, he might take a small piece of your skin, to do biopsy, which is the process taking a closer look in search of cancer cells.

  • Irritating cough

Irritating, continuous sough cannot really be a sign of cancer, if you do not have the habit of smoking. An infection, asthma, postnasal drip or acid reflux can also lead to coughing. However, if you are facing this problem continuously, or if you are coughing blood, especially if you are into smoking, visit your doctor right away. The doctor might consult a test of your mucus or might do a chest X-ray to look for lung cancer.

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  • Changes in breast

Not all kinds of changes in one’s breast are due to cancer. However, if you experience or notice any kind of change, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor about it, and get yourself examined. Look out for changes or discharge from nipple, any lumps, pain or thickening and redness in breasts. After examination, he may suggest MRI, a mammogram, and in some cases biopsy.

  • Feeling bloated

You might feel bloated or have a feeling of being full, which may not only be due to your diet but also because of stress. If you are also experiencing pain in back, weight loss or tiredness, head straight to the doctor. Continuous bloating in women may be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Pelvic examination might be done by your doctor.

  • Difficulties in peeing

A large number of men face urinary issues with growing age such as the need to go to the loo more often, a weak stream or problem of leaks. These generally point towards an enlarged prostate, however, they could also be signs of prostate cancer. Visit the doctor for examination. He might get a PSA test done, which is a special blood test.

  • Swelling in lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are tiny bean-shaped gland in armpits, neck and at other places in the body. If there is swelling in these glands, it generally means that your body is fighting an infection such as strep throat or cold. Leukemia or lymphoma are some kinds of cancers that can also lead to swollen lymph nodes. Talk to your doctor in detail.

  • Blood while using the bathroom

Do not avoid visiting the doctor, if you notice blood in your toilet. Blood-laced stool might the result of inflamed and swollen veins, which is known as hemorrhoids. But, this can also be a sign of colon cancer. If there is blood in urine, it might mean a urinary tract infection but it might also mean bladder or kidney cancer.

  • Changes in testicle

Visit to doctor right away, if you see swelling or lump in the testicles. If the lump is painless, it might mean testicular cancer. In other cases, the man in can experience heaviness in the scrotum or in the lower belly, or his testicles might appear larger. After examination, the doctor might conduct an ultrasound to check or tumor or any other issue.

  • Trouble in swallowing

One can experience in swallowing due to some medication, common cold or due to acid reflux. See the doctor, of the problem doesn’t gets away with time or with antacids. Difficulty in swallowing might also be a sign or throat cancer or cancer in the pipe between the mouth and the stomach, which is called esophagus. After examination, the doctor might conduct a barium X-ray. In this test, one is required to swallow a chalky fluid so that the image of the throat becomes clear.

  • Unfamiliar bleeding from vagina

If bleeding is not a part of usual period, it might be a cause if fibroid or due to any kind of birth control. However, consult your doctor, if you are blessing after sex, between periods or if there is a bloody discharge. Your doctor might want to check for cancer of cervix, uterus, and vagina. Do inform her if there is bleeding after you have reached menopause. This is not a normal thing, therefore, you need to get yourself checked.

  • Problems in mouth

Generally any kind of changes in the mouth such as canker sores or bad breadth are not really serious. Meet your doctor, if there are red or white patches or persistent soreness in the mouth, especially if you are a smoker. Also see for other signs like problem in movement of the jaw, a lump in the neck, or pain the mouth. This can be a sign or oral cancer.

  • Experiencing weight loss

Changes in diet or exercise might result in weight loss, but this can also happen due to things like thyroid problem or stress. Then again, do not take it as normal if you lose 10 pound or more amount of weight, even if you are not trying to lose weight. This can be initial sign of cancer of lung, pancreas, esophagus or stomach.

  • Continuous fever

Fever is not a bad thing as it sometimes it might just mean that your body is fighting some kind of infection. This can also happen due to side effects of some kinds of medicines. You need to take note if your fever is not going away and does not have any cause. This can be a sign of blood cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma.

  • Burning feeling or Indigestion

High stress levels or wrong diet many times are the reasons of heartburn. If you do not see any changes in indigestion or heartburn even after making alterations in your lifestyle, you can get yourself checked for the reason of this as this might point towards stomach cancer.

  • Tiredness

At most of the times, tiredness is not a big issue as it can a result of number of things. However, if you experience fatigue all time, it can be a sign of a number of cancers such as leukemia. Cancers of stomach and colon can cause blood loss, making you feel tired. If nothing if helping you out, make a visit to your doctor right away.

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