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15 Facts You Need to Know about Cancer

by Rishabh

If more than 100 diseases are collected, they are given the name of Cancer. It is although many time referred to as ‘a wasting disease’ but it is caused due to abnormal cells. Such cells keep multiplying and spread in the body in an out of control manner, harming healthy cells also on their way. Most of forms of cancer, other than blood, result in tumors. Any part of the body can get affected by cancer.

15 Facts You Need to Know About Cancer

Studies say that Cancer is known to be number 1 killer in underdeveloped countries and number 2 in developing countries.

It is no exaggeration if we say that Cancer is one of the most popular topics on earth. However, not many know that there are various things that they must be aware of, so that they can reduce their risk of getting cancer.

In current situation, because of issues like dearth of information, bad lifestyle habits, costly cancer treatment and little knowledge about holistic therapies leads to a lot of problem. Studies show that 35 percent of people of develop cancer, do not survive.

It is very important to know that can one lower the risk or to fight the disease, you they or any of their loved one is suffering from it. We must also know that who is at higher risk and what factors might lead to this problem. Learning the ways to keep oneself cancer-free is also important. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best bet.

15 Cancer Facts You Need to Know:

1. Genetics

As little as 5 to 10 percent of cancers are known to have a genetic connection. There is no truth if anyone says that most of the cancers are genetic. Researchers have shown the same but many people think that their parents may pass this curse onto them or they will do the same to their kids. It can be understood in this manner being a family, people eat similar kinds of food and thus they come face to face same kinds of toxins. Each family member must exercise, eat healthy diet and detoxify themselves.

2. Prevention

Science experts from all around the world agree with the fact that around half of all kinds of cancers and deaths due to cancer can be prevented. According to World Health Organization, 2 million deaths around the world in 2012 were due to caner.

3. Smoking

Around the world, a person dies due to lung cancer every 30 second. Smoking is the reason behind 90 percent of all cases of lung cancer. 22 percent of deaths in cancer are from lung cancer that is because of smoking. Use of tobacco products is one such case of cancer that can be prevented. In cases of lung cases, survival case is only 20 percent. Smokers whose work surroundings are also toxin-related, their chances get down by 3 percent. Not tobacco itself but carcinogenic chemicals used in its making lead to cancer. One cigarette has 69 known cancer-causing carcinogens.

4. Pollution

Environment-related factors can also put a person at risk of cancer. The food and water we consume, and the air we breathe, are all important considerations. Cells in the body can get damaged by metal toxicity, pollution, items of household cleaning and certain personal care products. Out homes and workplaces are two places where we can maximum of our time. We must evaluate and then try to reduce the risk factors.

5. Sleep

This fact about cancer might amaze you. Getting sleep less than six hours a day or sleep deprivation puts you at the risk of colon cancer. Some recent studies have shown that people doing night shifts are at a higher risk. Get good amount of sleep to have a strong body and stay free from cancer.

6. Nitrates

Lunch meat items of cold food cuts such as hot dog, bacon and sausage have nitrates and have sodium nitrate and potassium nitrite in their label listing. This chemical is used for preserving processed food and to add flavor in them. Ingestion and use of high heat for cooking leads to the chemical reacting with digestive fluids in the body. This converts nitrates into nitrites, a carcinogen. Nitrate also gets into groundwater and thus drinking water must also be filtered.

7. Children

Worldwide 175, 000 thousand children are diagnosed with cancer, every year. Cancer is known to be number one killer of children. Cancer has claimed more life in comparison to asthma, type 1 diabetes and congenital birth defects, combined. No betterment has been seen in the survival rate amongst children with cancer as treatments like radiation and chemo make their condition even worse. No steps are being taken to find the root cause for the same.

8. Mortality

Cancer leads to 1 in every 8 deaths around the world, even more than the combine number of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. 70 percent of cancer deaths take place in middle and low income households. Today, there are around 33 million cancer survivors in the world.

9. Age

In countries that are economically developed, 58 percent of diagnosis of cancer cases is done in people who are 65 years old or are older. In developing countries, people more than 65 years of age cum up 40 percent of the cancer cases.

10. Women and Men

According to statistic by WHO, in the case of women worldwide, the most common types of cancers are stomach, breast, cervical, bronchus and lung, and colorectal cancer. In the United States, breast cancer counts up to 1/3 of the new cancer cases that have been diagnosed. If breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, survival rates is quite high.

According to statistic by WHO, in the case of men, the most common types of cancers are liver, prostate, lung & bronchus, stomach and prostate. In the United States, the most common type of cancer in men is prostate cancer.

11. Obesity

Various researches have shown that obesity leads to several health issues, one of them is cancer. Even the chances of survival are lessened after diagnosis. According to a study, chances of survival of women with breast cancer after menopause are higher if one has a healthy body weight. If one is suffering from prediabetes, the risk gets higher by 15 percent along with harm due to obesity.

12. Nutrition

The kind of food we eat is quite important. Soda, refined flour and sugar, microwaved popcorn, processed or grilled meat, canned foods with BPA, and hydrogenated oils are the most common cancer causing food items. Food items that we consume determine our chances of getting cancer. Try to avoid cancer-causing food. Consume cancer-fighting food such as avocados, green tea, kale, turmeric, dark chocolate, garlic and berries.

13. Skin

Most common type of cancer is skin cancer, however, non-melanoma skin cancers cannot be diagnosed with cancer registries. Cases of skin cancer are increasing every day. Science blames this on exposure to sun, which is not completely true. Exposure to sun increases the production of Vitamin D in the body. Spending half an hour of time in sun during morning or afternoon, can produce this vitamin. But, save yourself from getting burnt. Sunscreen, although blocks the sunrays but 90 percent of them have certain harmful chemicals. As it is applied directly on the skin, they enter bloodstream and create problem with the cells.

14. Detection

Symptoms of lung cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer are not experienced until the cells of cancer spread to the other parts of the body. It is extremely important that the symptoms are diagnosed early so that treatment can be done on time.

15. Apoptosis

Apoptosis is a process where healthy cells have an in-built directive of committing ‘cell suicide’. During the process, as soon as the cell recognize the presence of damage, they start destroying itself so that the other parts of the body can be saved. The scientist have not been able to know the cause behind the thing that cancer cell cannot do this process on their own. Breakdown in apoptosis has been linked to heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative issues. There even are such food items, which helps the cancer cells in getting engaged in this process so that they get destroyed in a natural and safe manner.

The most important fact about cancer that one know is that Making Good Choices is going to give toy Healthy Life.

Making correct healthy choices is a difficult task in comparison to getting into an unhealthy lifestyle. Bad habits like drinking, smoking, not exercising, and consuming unhealthy food attracts us very easily. Discipline is a necessary things for getting good health and staying free from cancer. What we do with our bodies, and what we eat and drink, straightaway puts us in front of risk.

One should adopt a healthy lifestyle by drinking plenty of water including other liquids, consuming a healthy diet, shunning smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, making a proper exercise regimen and treating our bodies in a wonderful manner, to stay away from all kinds of diseases including cancer. Nevertheless, it is the even after following the measures of good health, we can still fall ill. But, experts confirm the fact the risk of cancer and other ailments gets reduced drastically. Our body is like our home. We must never stop loving it and fighting against a dreading disease like cancer.

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