10 Health Tips for Women to Stay Fit after 30

Looking for the answer to “how to be a healthy woman” that too at an age of 30 or above? It isn’t a difficult task to do that if you follow some tips.

You might have heard a lot of people saying that age is just a number and in today’s world, a lot of people have made this a fact. Be it athletes or celebrities across the globe; we have a lot of examples that show us that age is really a number.

But have you ever wondered how they are so fit, especially the women of age above 30 years? True, they have to follow a strict diet but they also follow a strict regime that includes their regulated sleeping patterns, exercising their mind and body, and a lot of other things.

If you are in your 30s, it is the right time to start following some health tips so that you don’t have to stick to your chair or bed in your 50s. This blog has some important health tips that women should follow for a better and fitter old age. People suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid or any other health-related problems can also follow these easy tips to make their future better.

Here are 10 health tips for women to stay fit after 30:

1. Do not skip your breakfast

According to scientists, the metabolism of your body declines by 2% every decade and that’s why people getting older feel less hungry and more sleepy. So, having your breakfast every day and making it a habit to follow this tip can keep your metabolism in place. This is one of the most important female health tips.

In fact, many dietitians have also given their statements that having a heavy breakfast is important, especially for women. It fuels your body and keeps you recharged for the entire day’s hustles.

2. Morning workouts (Physical Exercise)

As much as breakfast, your morning workouts are important too. Even a 30-minute exercising session can give your body the much-needed start. It not only helps in improving your metabolism but also kick-starts your body. It is not necessary for you to join a gym or go somewhere out for this (unless you want to jog or walk). Simple squats, crunches, neck rotation, stretching, and exercises like these would be just fine. Moreover, exercising daily helps in elevating the mood as well.

3. Try out yoga

One of the best women’s health tips for the heart, mind, and body is yoga. It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your body and mind, right in the morning. It also helps in controlling your moods, soul, and mind. It not only keeps your body fit but your mind in the best shape. With the increase in age, the responsibilities and stress on a woman’s body and mind increase. Yoga is one way to ease it out. It helps in disciplining your body and achieving a peaceful mind.

Women entering the age of 30 should try meditating and doing yoga to help themselves in managing anxiety and stress. Nevertheless, all the postures you do in yoga help in releasing muscle tension, increases body tone and improves the strength of the muscles.

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4. Take a balanced diet

When it comes to health and nutrition tips for women, a balanced diet is of utmost importance. Women taking a complete diet containing the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients have a fit and healthy body. Women who have crossed the 30 mark in their life should regularly eat fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, healthy fats like seeds and nuts, as well as whole grains.

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5. Drinking an adequate amount of water

Sitting in AC in your office might cut down your daily water consumption. But this can be treacherous in other forms. Drinking plenty of water is important because it helps in increasing the body’s energy by helping in digestion. Water provides fiber to the body and also frees it from intoxicating substances.

Most importantly, it keeps the body hydrated throughout the day maintaining the right blood pressure. Drinking enough water also prevents kidney stones, improves skin complexion, and improves mood. If you need all these benefits even after you cross 30, then drink an adequate amount of water.

6. Women’s Multivitamins

In today’s world, all of us have to undergo the daily churn at the office and then do the household chores. Keeping yourself recharged and working all day long needs more than just-food. Medical treatments on several women have shown that they required some extra vitamins to keep them energized all day long. There are many herbal multivitamin tablets that can help in bridging the gap left by your food.

7. Taking enough sleep

For your body to wake up fresh and give you all the energy you would require in your day, enough regulated sleep is important. According to doctors, a person should sleep at least 7 hours at night to wake up fresh and recharged. Insomnia is one of the biggest problems that people face during this age due to the stress of work.

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8. Go for regular checkups

If you like visiting the doctor too often, then visiting them at least once a year for a complete body check-up is of utmost importance. Getting yourself screened and tested is important and one should not neglect to do this just because they don’t feel ill. There have been cases when people were able to know about some preposterous problems beforehand just because they had their full-body scan at regular intervals. After the age of 30, blood pressure, diabetes, and a relaxed lifestyle, unmonitored eating and sleeping patterns can cause a lot of problems. So, if you haven’t taken your appointment in a long time, get it now.

9. Keep a check on your weight

According to researchers, the metabolism of a body slows down when their age increases. If you notice that you have put on quick weight then it is better to get to your doctor for some quick checkups and scans.

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10. Try an indulge in activities that give you happiness

The answer to how to be a healthy woman is quite simple as we told in the first line. There are a few baby steps that you need to take to achieve what you desire. One of the most important things amongst them is your internal happiness. Try to indulge in activities that give you happiness like meeting up with friends on weekends, going out for a party, going out for dinner, or anything like that.


These 10 female health tips are important and when followed can give you a healthier life. So, if that’s what you desire, try to execute all these points for some time and see the change in you.

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